Adidas Affiliate Program Review (All The Details You Need)

Within the Adidas affiliate program, they look for those that share their enthusiasm and are innovators. Here are more details you need to know about the program.

Adidas Affiliate Program Review

An affiliate program is a contract in which one company pays another company or influencer (the affiliate) a commission for referring visitors and/or sales to them.

This can be accomplished through the use of site content, social media, or product integration.

Adidas Affiliate Program Review

One of the most well-known sporting equipment brand names is Adidas and for good reason.

After Nike, Adidas is the second largest sportswear producer in the world. It is also the largest in Europe.

In addition to owning Runtastic, TaylorMade Golf (including Ashworth), and 8.33% of Bayern Munich Football Club, Adidas acquired Reebok in August 2005. (running and training apps). Adidas is confident in their ability to use sport to transform lives.

Since 1949, they have created and produced athletic footwear, sporting apparel, and accessories.
Their main office is in Germany.

Impact Radius manages the affiliate program, and you may sign up directly through them, through Acceleration Partners, or through Viglink which was recently acquired by Sovrn/Commerce.

You still work through Impact Radius if you join through Acceleration Partners. But, you can take advantage of additional incentives and bonuses that they provide to their affiliates.

Viglink operates very differently. You can access more than 30,000 businesses with their in-text affiliate and advertising network.

Using a program called Convert, Viglink automatically converts regular product links into monetized links on your website (or app) or social media platform.

Viglink automatically changes every time you mention a commercial product in a post into the most lucrative affiliate link for that product so you can get paid.

You can monetize your website in this way without having to sign up for numerous affiliate networks.


What You Can Promote

It appears that you can promote the majority of the products accessible on the Adidas website; however, we were unable to confirm which products are qualified and which are not.

Also, The Adidas website is divided into sections for men, women, kids, sports, brands, and outlets.

Shoes, clothes, accessories, and sports are available in the Men’s and Women’s sections. The Youth ages 7-14, toddlers ages 2-6, and Baby sections of the Kids department are divided by age 0-2.

Football, Running, Training, Rugby, and Specialty Sports comprise the Sports section (Tennis, Hockey, Cricket, and Outdoor).

Can you Make Cash through this Program?

Viglinks offers a smaller commission per Adidas transaction, but Conversion may result in more sales overall as it allows you to get paid for all of your product links, and be more profitable as a result. Try it out to find out.

Furthermore, You will definitely make money from the Adidas Affiliate Program if you are in a highly focused sporting niche and are accepted into the program by Adidas.

Who is Best For this Program?

Publishers don’t obtain automatic acceptance into this program. Adidas is looking to work with online brands who are as passionate about impacting lives through Sport.

You’re likely to get accepted if you serve an audience of young adults aged 18-24 who adore all things sport and fashion.

Also, you need to be publishing high-quality, interesting content and be a thought leader in your industry.

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