ACS Education Loan Servicing Problems and Where to Find Help

ACS Education Loan: Are you a student schooling on loan? You probably might have heard about ACS Education loan. ACS Loan Serving is also known as ACS Educational Services. Also, it is owned by Xerox. It is one of the largest loan servicing operations contracted by the Department of Education.
ACS Education Loan Servicing Problems and Where to Find Help

However, in recent years, there has been complains about it. Thus, because of complaints with ACS Loan Servicing, most of their Direct Loans were transferred to other Federal loan servicers. This was done by the Department of Education.

However, ACS still handles Federally backed bank-based loans. Some of these loans are; loans that are owned by Wells Fargo. It’s important to know that ACS Loan Servicing doesn’t actually ‘own’ your loans. They are just a loan servicing company. This means they are supposed to handle the customer service stuff. Stuffs like:

  • Handle payments and credit your account appropriately.
  • Administer student loan programs related to your loan.
  • Take your customer service calls and handle them correctly.
  • Process forgiveness programs. Also, process income-based repayment programs. And more that you may qualify for.
  • Report your loans to the credit bureaus accurately.
  • Seek repayment for defaulted loans.

However, there have been problems. Thus, borrowers are sometimes left feeling trapped.

Some Goals of ACS Educational Programs

Today, more than ever, surgeons face accelerated change. While science, technology, and techniques continue to evolve, there’s only so much time to stay current with the latest surgical advances.

ACS Education and Training is a trusted partner to teach surgeons what they need to know. Also, when and where they want it. ACS education programs embody a century of experience. This is in what works in surgical education. Also, it provides access to top instructors and the latest technologies.

The buttons remind Clinical Congress attendees of three key messages being communicated through the campaign.

  • The Cornerstone of Excellence

ACS Education and Training programs enable surgeons to learn new skills. Also, it enables them learn new techniques. This is through leading-edge approaches, such as simulation.

  • Transforming Possibilities into Realities

ACS Education and Training programs support surgeons throughout their career at key turning points. Turning points like; transition to practice and acquiring a new subspecialty. Also, like stepping into a leadership or educator role.

  • Instilling the Joy of Lifelong Learning

The goal of ACS Educational Training is to help surgeons embrace the joy of lifelong learning. Also, and direct them to the information and skills they need now. This is to continue to achieve the best outcomes for their patients.

ACS Educational Loan Servicing Problems

ACS has been dealing with problems related to it’s handling of student loans. These problems has been there since 2012. The Department of Education transferred many of their loans to other servicers. This is due to complaints about their handling of student loans.

The Department of Education owns the Direct Loans. As such they can decide who your loan servicer will be. Also, there are many others. Since ACS was having so many problems, the Department of Education cut ties.

More recently, this happened. The State of Massachusetts sued ACS and they agreed to a settlement. Basically, what this means for borrowers is this. They would try to call and change their repayment plan. This will be to an income-based repayment plan.

Dealing With ACS Educational Loan Problems

Dealing With ACS Educational Loan Problems


If you don’t know who your loan servicer is, please note. You can find all your student loan information, and do many things with your loans for free at Also, you can file a complaint with the CFPB here:

Do you want to refinance your student loans away from ACS Loan Servicing? It is important you note this. It doesn’t always make sense to refinance Federal student loans into private loans. However, for some people looking to save money, it does. You can do this in a variety of ways. But I recommend looking using Credible.

Credible is a student loan refinancing marketplace. Also, it’s where you can receive offers from multiple lenders. This is after filling out one short form. It’s free. And you can get an estimate of how much you can save by refinancing in less than a minute. Also, you’ll get up to a $750 bonus for using Credible with our link. However, if you’re not quite sure where to start or what to do, consider this:

  • Hire a CFA or CFP to help you with your student loans.
  • Also, consider The Student Loan Planner to help you put together a solid financial plan for your student loan debt.

In Nutshell

In summary. When dealing with ACS Education Loan Servicing Problems, note this. Before you go on thinking that ACS Loan Servicing is a scam and you have no recourse, note.

In Nutshell

Make sure you contact ACS Educational Services first. Student loan issues can be confusing. As such, make sure you make proper inquiry.

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