Access Florida Benefits: Get Discount and Freebies from Access Florida

If you got an Access Florida card you can get discounts on Amazon Prime, property taxes, student loan payments and so much more with Acces Florida Benefits. You can also get discounted museum admission at venues across the state!

Access Florida Benefits

What is My Access Florida?

My Access Florida is a web portal use by Department of Children and Families (DCF) to render financial assistance to needy families in terms of cash and health program.

The Access Florida department uses that platform to reach out to millions of Florida’s citizen that needs financial assistance from the government.

The program is more or less a poverty alleviation poverty for the less privileged to have quality health facilities, have access to food, and a lot more.

Also, Florida’s government program through My Access Florida currently offers help in the following area:

  • Food Assistance Program (Food Stamps or SNAP)
  • Temporary Cash Assistance (TANF)
  • Medicaid Program
  • Refugee Services

My Access Florida Account

There are several actions you can complete using the My Access Florida login which is related to the main purpose of myaccessflorida.com and Florida’s department that deal with helping and alleviating needing from poverty and poor healthy programs.

  • Determine Eligibility for Public Assistance Benefits
  • Apply for Public Assistance Benefits
  • Check the Status of a Benefits Application
  • Manage your Current Benefits
  • Check your Current Benefits Balance
  • View your Transaction History
  • Update your Account Information
  • Submit Verification Documents

You need My Access Florida login to complete all these tasks. However, if you do not have a My Access Florida account yet this guide will guide you to create a My Access Florida account to be able to complete the task.

At the same time, if you forgot My Access Florida login you will learn to manage and change your Access Florida login password to complete the actions above.


Food Items Eligible with Access Florida EBT Card

Food items eligible

It advisable to always select eligible EBT food items when shopping with your EBT card to redeem food stamps.

Any attempt in selecting unapproved food items and trying to purchase them with your EBT card will result in your transaction not been processed.

You will have to pay for those unapproved items with another form of payment such as cash or credit.

Here are some of the common eligible EBT food items:

‣ Soft Drinks (Italian soda, juice, etc.)

‣ Snack Crackers and Chips (potato chips, veggie chips, etc.)

‣ Poultry (chicken breast, chicken thighs, turkey breast, etc.)

‣ Pork products (pork chops, pork sausage, etc.)

‣ Red Meat (steak, ground beef, ribs, etc.)

‣ Dessert Items (ice cream, brownies, cookies, etc.)

‣ Bread, cereal, granola bars

‣ Dairy products (milk, yogurt, cheese, etc.)

‣ Fresh, Frozen and Canned Fruits

‣ Fresh, Frozen and Canned Vegetables

‣ Cooking Oils (olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, etc.)

‣ Seeds, Nuts, and Plants (cashews, peanut butter, etc.)

‣ Fresh and Frozen Seafood (fish, shellfish, etc.)

‣ Candy (variety of chocolate bars)

‣ Frozen food items (butter chicken, pasta, etc.)

However, your EBT card cannot be used to purchase protein powder, prepared food, or protein bars. More items that cannot be purchased  using your EBT card include

  • Vitamins
  • Medicine
  • Household products
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco
  • Prepared food
  • Feminine products, and

For a full list of all EBT approved and unapproved items, check out our post here.

Always Check Your EBT Card Balance

What you should be aware of before redeeming your food stamp benefits at Trader Joe’s is your current EBT card balance.

Not having enough money on your EBT card could be bad for you especially if the transaction is larger than the available EBT card balance.

This usually results in your transaction not been processed.  You have to pay an extra difference with another form of payment such as cash or credit as discussed above.

For help checking your EBT Card Balance, check out our EBT Card Balance by State list here. Once you are on the page, select the state where you are receiving benefits and follow the instructions provided to receive your current EBT Card Balance.

You can use My ACCESS site to apply for Florida Food Assistance Program (Food Stamps/SNAP), Medical Assistance, and Temporary cash assistance for families with children (TANF).

You can also view your benefits information online 24 hours a day, seven days per week.

Frequently Asked Questions

The EBT system does not keep a record of what you buy.

Yes. Information about clients in the EBT system is under the same privacy rules that govern the CalFresh Program and CalWORKs.

Cardholders could have any or all of the following benefits: SNAP, WV Works/Cash and Child Support Incentive.

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