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– AAA Membership cost and Benefits –

Imagine you’re cruising down the freeway to an important meeting and BOOM! Your car engine had a problem and you’re stuck on the road with no idea what to do, that can be frustrating. But with the service of AAA, you could just make a call and your car will be back again. In this article, we’ll be showing all you need to know about AAA Membership costs and benefits, and other services.

AAA Membership cost and benefits

Replacement of Your Car Battery

If for any reason you’re stuck at home, and your vehicle won’t start, it could be because of a flat battery. Under typical conditions, you’d need to take an Uber to a battery center and get them to either charge or supplant the battery.

At that point, it’s back in the Uber to your home, and you’ll need to fit the battery yourself.

With AAA, a service technician visits your premises with another battery and fits it for you. Subsequently, you are en route to work in minutes, as opposed to squandering the early daytime running around.

AAA Membership Travel Services

The AAA offers you a wide assortment of reduced or free travel services in the United States.

You get personalized trip planning, alongside limits on admission to numerous attractions, and gathering travel courses of action, cruising planning, and international travel Assistant help also.

The odds are that in the event that you book your next family get-away utilizing these services, it will more than spread the expense of your yearly AAA membership.

Issuing International Driving Licenses

Issuing International Driving Licenses

If you’re traveling to another country, you’ll need an international driver’s license to drive a car around. If you fail to produce this license, it could result in your arrest in a foreign country.

Without an international driver’s license, you’ll also find it hard or even impossible to get a car hire in most countries. As an AAA member, you get huge discounts on this service.

Discounts for Hertz Car Rental

Discounts for Hertz Car Rental

Hertz works together with AAA to bring you discounted car rental services. You could save up to 20-percent on your car rental on selected models.

All AAA members get a complimentary Hertz Gold Plus membership, with a value of $60. As gold Hertz Member, you get expedited checkout, as well as free vehicle changes, and a host of other benefits.

Discounts with Participating Merchants

AAA members get to take advantage of discounts at participating merchants. Whether you’re looking for a discount on services, a new set of tires, or even cellphone contract discounts, look at what’s available with your AAA membership.

Some merchants may offer you discounts for as much as 50-percent off of the purchase price.

Complimentary AAA Travel Guides

With an AAA membership, you get access to free road maps, guides, and travel planners within America for premier members, with Classic members paying 50-percent off the sticker price.

AAA also offers these services for select regions of Europe as well, so check out the website if you’re planning a European vacation that involves some driving. You can order your free domestic travel materials online.

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Discounts on Affiliated Insurance Policies

Some AAA clubs offer discounts with insurers on monthly premiums. Most insurers view drivers that sign up with AAA as reliable and safe behind the wheel.

Insurance is all about calculating the risk involved with your driving, and what it would cost if you had to make a claim.

By signing up with AAA, you mitigate the risk of your driving unsafely. Affiliated insurers in the AAA membership include;

Family Insurance Company Auto Club, The Automobile Club Inter-Insurance Exchange, and the AAA Life Insurance Company.

Discounts with Participating AAA-Approved Auto Shops and Dealers

As an AAA member, you get 10-percent off at participating auto repair shops across America. This saving applies to both parts and labor, and it can save you a bundle when it comes time to service your vehicle.

Look for the AAA membership logo at your local service shop to see if they participate in the program. However, AAA cap this saving at a maximum of 50-percent on the service or repair.

Some auto shops may not offer you the discount unless you ask for it, so always make sure that you enquire before you book your service.

All AAA-approved auto repair providers must guarantee any work or repairs for at least 24,000-miles or 2-years.

Leaving your vehicle with a AAA shop does not always mean that you’re getting good value for your money for your servicing and repair needs.

Always remember to shop around with other vendors before booking a service with the AAA member.

Roadside assistance alternatives

If all you want is no-frills roadside assistance coverage, AAA’s discounts and other benefits may be overkill. You could get coverage instead from a variety of companies, including:

  • Your auto insurer, often for less than $20 per year. However, your insurer might consider using the coverage as a claim and raise your rates at your next renewal.
  • Your credit card company. Premium travel rewards cards often include it free, whereas other cards offer pay-per-use roadside assistance.
  • Your cell phone company, usually for $3 – $5 per month.
  • The maker of your car, if it’s still under warranty. If it isn’t, some carmakers still let you use the service for a fee.

Coverage and subscriptions give some peace of mind, but it could make more sense to pay for roadside assistance only when you need it.

Your auto insurer likely has a phone number and an in-app button you can use to summon help if you’re stranded.

Other apps that serve up roadside assistance at any time without a membership — or worry of an insurance claim — include and Honk.

So, is AAA Cost and Bnefits Worth it?

So, is AAA worth it?

Because you can get roadside assistance from many companies, consider AAA’s full offerings before deciding on membership.

The benefits, discounts, and costs associated with each tier vary by territory, so spend some time checking out your local club.

You may find that another service meets your needs well enough, or you might find that the discounts alone make AAA worth it for your family.

If that’s the case, be sure to get an insurance quote, too, to find out if you can save even more money by switching insurers.

Conclusion of AAA Membership Cost and Benefits

It’s paramount to ask yourself some questions before you decide on your AAA membership. If you already receive most of the benefits, then why spend $60 or more on an annual AAA membership?

However, if you don’t have any of these benefits and perks available through your existing policies, and you drive an older model car, then AAA membership could be the ideal choice for your situation.

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