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Ways to Get Paid to Review Movies: Some have made a living by releasing spoilers for popular reality TV shows, while others have made a living simply analyzing the different shows out there.

Paid to Review Movies

Of course, there’s a huge market for reviews and other types of writing about movies and TV, too. Here are the best websites you will find that will pay you to write about TV and movies, or as they used to say, The Pictures!

Here are the best websites you will find that will pay you to write about TV and movies, or as they used to say, The Pictures!

Ways to Get Paid to Review Movies

Checker Patrol

If you want to get paid to collect information on theaters as well as restaurants, you might try Checker Patrol.

Some tasks you may do include Sneak Preview Checking, Blind Checking, and All Screen Trailer Checking. It’s similar to MarketForce and VeriTES.


MyPoints is a sister site to Swagbucks. The way to earn is exactly the same but the award options can differ. To earn points you must complete a watch playlist, the entire playlist, in order to receive the points.

Other ways to earn with Mypoints:

  • Play video games
  • Take online surveys
  • Read promotional emails
  • Refer a friend
  • Surf the web


A very popular website for lists, Listverse will pay you to write about movies and TV. They want lists of at least 10 items and they want writers with a good grasp of the English language. Their ray range is $100 per article.


Obviously, many of the most popular YouTube videos with millions of views are movie trailers. Therefore, if you could get paid to watch YouTube videos, you can get paid to watch those trailers.

Paid2YouTube is one of the only companies I know of that will pay you to watch YouTube videos. It’s a great way to earn some easy side cash.


Nielsen Digital Voice

As many households are cutting the cable TV cord and streaming TV shows and videos online, the methods used to measure TV viewing habits have changed.

Nielsen Digital Voice gives you the opportunity to tell the world what you watch on your computer or mobile device by downloading the Nielsen mobile app.


iRazoo is yet another rewards site that allows you to do simple tasks, including downloading apps, playing games, and, you guessed it, watching videos.

Though you’re not likely to be given a feature-length movie to watch, you may be given movie trailers, short films, advertisements, movie reviews, and more.

You’ll earn points for each task, and when you reach 3,000 points, you can start ordering from their Rewards Store.


If you want to get paid to actually go to a movie theater, here’s your chance. MarketForce is a company that pays you to essentially be a movie theater mystery shopper.

The position is called a “Certified Field Associate (CFA).” All you do is check out how many people are at a movie, record pre-movie ads, gather box office information, etc.


With Swagbucks, you can earn money on just about any device by watching movie trailers and all sorts of other videos on their YouTube-style platform.

You also get paid $5 to sign up. Additionally, you can make money from surveys, searching online, playing games, shopping, referring friends, and more.


This site has been around quite a while and is probably one of the first companies to pay people to watch videos. Perk.tv specializes in paying you to watch videos that include app trailers, movie trailers, news, politics, and much more.


As the most popular subscription video streaming service, Netflix periodically hires “taggers” to watch and tag their programming to provide accurate recommendations to fellow subscribers.

You can see all open positions on the Netflix job board. Tagger positions are not the most financially lucrative and can require long hours. But, if you love to binge-watch content or watch anything Netflix has to offer, this can be a great opportunity.


This is another company that pays you to be a theater checker. At VeriTES (Theatrical Entertainment Services), you can get paid for a lot of the same tasks as with MarketForce.

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