7 Sites Where You Get Paid to Play Games for Free

Get Paid to Play Games for Free: Whether you’re a hard-core gamer looking to break into competitive e-sports or someone who just wants to make a few bucks playing fun games at home in your spare time, there’s something for you on this list.

Paid to Play Games

Sites Where You Get Paid to Play Games for Free


Aren’t you a fan of Bingo? I just love the game and BingoZone is one of the longest-running online bingo games. It is one of the best gaming websites with an easy and healthy income. This website will let you earn money and also the sign-up is free.

You can play and for every step, you will be earning $1 for each level and you will earn heavy if you are declared a winner. The app lets you earn to simplify your budget with a few bills. Get to enjoy all the bingo luck you have.


Swagbucks is a “Get Paid To” site that earns you Swagbucks for doing online tasks, like shopping, searching, watching videos, and even playing games.

Every day, Swagbucks will have featured promotions for certain games that can earn you extra Swagbucks. Start with those first for better earnings!

But, you can also play your favorites, like Deal or No Deal or Wheel of Fortune. Some will require a purchase and you’ll receive cashback for every dollar you spend on the games.

However, you can play Swagbucks’ free games, like Swag Memory and Swag Jump, to earn Swagbucks just for playing. You can redeem your Swagbucks for a PayPal deposit of $25 once you earn 2,500 points.


This app pays you to download, install, and play new games on your device.

Every day, it’ll show you a few new games and how much you can earn if you download them. Your earnings come in mCoins, which are AppLike’s version of points.

After downloading the game, you can also play it to earn more points. The longer you play, the more you can earn – just be sure to click on the game through the app before you play to get credited!

AppLike has several gift cards to places like Burger King, Amazon, CVS, and Google Play that you can use your points on.

There’s even a great referral program where you can earn 250 points for each sign-up, plus another 25% of everything they earn on the app.

Inbox Dollars

After Swagbucks, this company is the second most popular platform to get paid for doing daily activities through its app. InboxDollars also has millions of active members and paid more than $50 million to its users to date.

This company pays you to play games, take surveys, watch videos, cash back on shopping, read emails, coupon cash rewards, and more.


Gamesville is a website that lets you play games for free.

There are many games like Super Chef, puzzle, casino games, card games, bingo, and many more. You can sign up for free play the games and start earning income accordingly.

This website also lets you review a few things where they would appreciate and make changes if necessary.

There are games that let you earn rewards and then turn them into cash. There are pure cash-ear competitions as well who do not wish to redeem the points for something else.


This website is a place for gamers who love to provide feedback on games to go. It’s basically a testing site where users can play free games and get paid to write reviews about them.

The site gives you quests for the games you play, which help you do certain tasks that developers want to learn more about to check for bugs, ease of gameplay, etc.

By completing the quests, you’ll earn points. When you write reviews about the game, you’ll earn more! All your points – known as Bananas – go toward real prizes, like gift cards, games, prepaid cards, and more.

Bananatic also has an affiliate program where members can share the site with others, convince them to join, and get paid for their referrals.


Use this app to discover new and fun games to play – and make money while you do it.

You’ll get points the longer you play the game, and you can redeem your points for prizes like Amazon gift cards, Steam gift cards, or PayPal cash.

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