7 Sites to Get Free Product Samples Without Taking Surveys

7 Sites to Get Free Product Samples Without Taking Surveys.

Get Free Product Samples Without Taking Surveys: Manufacturers give away samples of their products all the time. Getting free products is a great way to test out an item you’re interested in without making a commitment. There are several legitimate ways to get freebies without paying a dime.

Free Product Samples

There is a special joy in getting squishy packages or boxes in the mail to break the monotony of bills and junk mail, knowing that you are getting them for free without any obligation.

You feel powerful as a consumer, and you get to try high-quality, top-of-the-line products that may not fit your budget.  These are usually new on the market as well, so you get to try the newest products available.

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Sites to Get Free Product Samples Without Taking Surveys

Gerber Baby Formula

Most parents are familiar with the Gerber brand when it comes to healthy baby formula. Receive a free box of baby oatmeal and applesauce when you complete a small form with your email.

SuperSave Makeup

SuperSave works directly with Maybelline and Wet n’ Wild, two of some of the most popular makeup brands on the market.

Simply complete a small survey about your makeup preferences and receive your samples within just a few weeks.


Similac is a leading name in the formula industry, and they have a broad selection of products. You can get free formula samples and valuable coupons by visiting the link above. Simply sign up for the free Similac StrongMoms Reward programs, and these items will be sent to you.

Eight Hour Energy

The Eight Hour Energy patch uses ingredients like a B-vitamin compound, guarana, ginseng, caffeine, and green tea extract to boost the user’s energy. You can read more about the ingredients here and get a free sample on the page linked above. Provide your name and e-mail to get the free sample offer sent to your inbox.


Downy is a very well-known brand of fabric softener, and they have a wide range of products for keeping clothes smelling fresh. You can get a free Downy sample and free coupons at the above link.

The Honest Company

The Honest Company sells wipes, diapers, and toiletries that are designed to be as gentle and natural as possible. You can choose from one of two free sample packs – the Diapers & Wipes Bundle or the Essentials Bundle.


The Influenster boxes usually feature a certain product or are a themed “VoxBox” to celebrate a season, holiday, or some other common theme.

You’ll get the boxes of free samples by writing reviews of products you’ve tried. Once you get a box, you can complete certain online tasks. The more online tasks you complete, the greater your chance is to get another box in the future.

Soleil Tea

Soleil Tea offers gourmet loose leaf tea in an assortment of unique blends. You can get a free sample of two of their teas at the link above. The sample types change from time to time, and reviewers have left positive feedback about the generous sample sizes.


L’Oreal has numerous hair care lines and products, and their Advanced Haircare line is a very popular one. You can get a free sample from this line by selecting your hair type from the drop-down menu and filling out the short form. L’Oreal will then send you your free sample in the mail.

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