7 Best Chromecast Games to Play With a Phone or Tablet

Many Games available on both Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App store are best modified and work with Chromecast support. Some games also enable multiplayer support when projected to bigger screens

7 Best Chromecast Games to Play With a Phone or Tablet

Google’s Chromecast is often an ignored platform for gaming, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a couple of quality titles to check out on your Chromecast enabled TV. Heck, you don’t even necessarily need a Chromecast as you can take advantage of any Android TV device to stream the games listed in today’s roundup.

How Does Google Chromecast Work

Using screen-mirroring, Chromecast will let you switch media that is playing on a smaller device onto a larger one, such as a television.  The device will tell Chromecast what to stream using its own internet connection.

For this mirroring to work, both the television and remote device needs mirroring support and the ability to send and receive data through their connection to the same wireless network.

The streaming process itself involves a lot of encoding and transmitting, making this the primary reason why you will need a device with a powerful operating system that can handle the transfer process.

You will also need a stable and speedy internet connection to handle the data load. To find out whether your internet is up for the task, check out this article discussing the internet speeds you’ll need for gaming.


Best Chromecast Games to Play With a Phone or Tablet

1. Just Dance Now

If you are an avid dancer or just someone who parties during weekends, this is the best game to play at home right now. You can enjoy Just Dance’s greatest songs and choreographies without a video game console or a choreographer’s strict classes.

Dance to your favorite hits among more than 500 available songs including 40 awesome songs from the team Just Dance by Ubisoft Entertainment. Without further ado, here are 7 Chromecast enabled games you can enjoy by streaming them directly to your TV.

2. Fire Team

Fire Team is a pixelated arcade adventure made up of maze-like environments, ghostly enemies, and powerful bombs. You can choose from four game modes including survival, deathmatch, team versus team, or flag capture.

This gives you the option to play alone or against a worthy opponent. Your device has easy controls to move, drop a bomb, or take an action. So keep your eyes on the action and have fun with Fire Team.

3. Doodlecast

Doodlecast is actually one of the better Chromecast games. It’s one of a few variants of charades that you can play with a Chromecast.

One player connects and starts to draw something. The other people in the room guess what it is. Each player takes turns doing the same thing. It works with a minimum of two players and the game does what it says. We had the occasional connection issue, but nothing overly serious.

4. Deer Hunter

A popular point and shoot action-adventure game that is popular among millennials would definitely be Deer Hunter by Glu Inc. Right from its inception in 2014, the game has evolved over various aspects.

This game definitely aims to rival other AAA titles with advanced graphics through its better game engine and response times. The game is basically a hunter game where you disguised as a hunter, have to shoot the deer that tries to evade you every time.

5. Angry Birds Go

Angry Birds Go is the latest addition to the popular animated birds franchise.

This adorable and exciting cart racer comes in the 3D form, which is a brave move away from the 2D physics-based point-and-aim that many Angry Birds fans have grown up to love.

All the familiar characters we’ve known and loved are still there, each with their own unique upgrades to win against the competition.

There’s a surprisingly large variety of races to go through, each with its own set of obstacles.

6. GamingCast

GamingCast is an app with several mini-games for the Chromecast. The full list includes Snake, Pong, Xonix, Tetrominoes, Flapper, and Breakout.

Chromecast Games

Many of those are just variations on simple games with different names. For instance, Tetrominoes is basically an off-brand Tetris.

These simple games work well, especially for kids and retro gaming fans. It hasn’t seen an update since 2015 so it’s basically abandonware at this point. It did still work for us, though, and it’s completely free.

7. Monopoly Here  and Now

The classic Monopoly board game is for more than one person. But the digital version lets you enjoy the same type of gameplay with a friend or on your own against the computer.

Either way, just roll the dice, move your token around the board, and check out a card from the Community Chest.

Be careful that you aren’t sent to jail—directly, without passing Go, or collecting $200.

We believe that after reading this article, you are now knowledgeable and educated. Please leave your feedback below.

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