Yosemite Sam's Sayings

Yosemite Sam’s Sayings: 65 Looney Tunes Hottest Sayings & Quotes

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Yosemite Sam’s Sayings: Yosemite Sam is a cartoon character whose name was inspired by the US-based Yosemite National Park. He is a gruffly accented iconic Looney Tunes character, known for his cowboy look and a thick, red mustache.

Yosemite Sam's Sayings

His character was described as a very vicious and violent man carrying a gun with himself.

He’s apparently a pirate or maybe a pirate who has particular hate for rabbits. Let’s now look into 65 of some Yosemite Sam’s sayings that people know most about.

65 Best Yosemite Sam’s Sayings


  1. Someone shut that chatterbox because I cannot hear the speeches of others.

  2. You stupid bunny! You will certainly blast this beautiful ship into particle.

  3. That shaggy rat of the bilge has polluted my name.

  4. Shut up! You better shut up or else get ready to die!

  5. I get the smell of carrots! There must be a rabbit around.

  6. I will blast his scuppers! I’ll slice his liver into fine pieces for this stupid act of his!

  7. I mean to say whoa when I actually say it.

  8. You better start walking you clumsy, annoying longeared gargoyle!

  9. Huh! Here you are you barnacle with tooth like a buck! Time for you to recite your prayers!

  10. If you think crossing the wall can save you then you are certainly wrong.

  11. I am coming after you by crossing this wall and then I will do the shooting.

  12. Very well, you wise boy. Now you will have to dance.

  13. I strongly feel an aversion towards rabbits.

  14. Drink that juice fast or else get ready to get your fur blown out of that hide of yours!

  15. I should have been aware before trusting a rabbit because this is the result of trusting a rabbit.

  16. You now have to stop obstructing and begin the process of roasting.

  17. You mark my words, you will have to pay for your deed, you cantankerous furry animal!

  18. You’re nothing but just a troublesome and brainless furry creature.

  19. You better get going or get ready to get your carcass blown by me under the hat of hers!

  20. The first one is for trying and getting that stupid rabbit warned. Let me blow off his hide now!

  21. I am done with this fight following rules like gentlemen do! Now on, we will fight in my way.

  22. You are nothing but just a clumsy and stupid person with long ears.

  23. If you are looking for a Hessian with no aggression at all then you are in search of me.

  24. I hate that alwayseating, alwayscooking creature!

  25. I command you to drop that weapon, you barbaric animal.

  26. Get back you stupid bunny that has a liver of a shark!

  27. The time has come for you to say your prayers, you troublesome animal.

  28. Now I caught you, you furry creature.

  29. As I always say, no one will choose the skin of a flat bunny!

  30. You better get going, you carrotmunching coyote!

    You better get going, you carrotmunching coyote!

  31. I can see you. Stop hiding and come out you blue coat with long ears!

  32. You think you are successful in hiding from me? Let me tell you, I can see you clearly!

  33. I want that dead and rotting body out of my house as fast as possible.

  34. Let me tell you rabbit that I am using force because you have forced me to use it.

  35. It is all right. Do not rush. I am thinking. And my head hurts when I do this.

  36. uuughhhh! Now no one can stop me from severely punishing you for your act.

  37. You are a pain causing animal.

  38. Rabbits are the creatures which I hate the most!

  39. Consider yourself as lucky because you are getting another chance from me to draw a gun.

  40. This piano is yours and now let me allow you to play it and see it for myself!

  41. I have paid for watching the act of high diving. So you better perform the act of high diving because I am not sparing you otherwise.

  42. Where are you running? Return instantly you hornless nonconformist!

  43. You are stupid enough to blast off this beautiful boat into nothing!

  44. Hey baby, papa wants you to come to him.

  45. Do not forget that whatever you are doing, you will have to pay for all those acts you peabrained furry creature!

  46. You now will have to stop hindering the process and begin roasting!

  47. The best you can do right now is to stop running and return back to me, you furry bunny!

  48. You call me a doctor? I am not a doctor you fool. I am a pirate, Sam, who loves going to sea!

  49. The time has come for you stupid land creatures to blast the scupper!

  50. Your chances are now gone. I will count only 2 and then I will blast your skin off!

  51. You are nothing but just a clumsy and furry bunny with flat feet!

  52. Someone get that cadaver bitten by flies out of my real estate.

  53. You gargoyle, I order you to drink it up now.

  54. The time has come when I am finally successful in catching you, you furry stupid bunny!

  55. Blast your grumpy skin. If you do that another time then I am not going to take it anyway.

  56. Remember, I am coming back and I not doing it so that I can return and play a game of marbles!

  57. Now follow my order and all of you cheaters get out of this place right now.

  58. Sam welcomes you to his house. [ Yosemite Sam’s Sayings ]

  59. You asking me my identity? Well, I am the great Sam von Schmamm the Hessian. This is what my identity is!

  60. The time for you to dive has come, you mischievous, troublesome animal.

    The time for you to dive has come, you mischievous, troublesome animal.

  61. I am happy to say goodbye to you, rabbit.

  62. I will blast your head into piece for this barbaric and stupid act of yours.

  63. Hey you mountain goat with long ears, come down this instant!

  64. It will be better if you start saying prayers because dead bodies are not able to tell stories!

  65. I am sure this smell is the one you get while cooking carrots. And when there are carrots then there ought to be rabbits!

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