Religious Easter Card Sayings: 65 Superb Messages & Sayings for Easter
Religious Easter Card Sayings:

Religious Easter Card Sayings: 65 Superb Messages & Sayings for Easter

  – Religious Easter Card Sayings  – 

Every year we celebrate Easter, and it comes to remind us of a Great God’s love for imperfect humanity. Jesus Christ died at the cross, was buried and rose again on the third day to bring hope to the world.

Religious Easter Card Sayings

When you celebrate this wonderful holiday note that Jesus freely and unconditionally gave His life to us and so we should extend the same kindness to family, friends, and others around us.

Easter is a significant Feast of the King’s Resurrection. As written in the Christian Bible‘s New Testament, Jesus had risen after his tomb was found bare.

To help pay honor to this day and bless your brothers and sisters of faith, here is a look at some great religious Easter card sayings that capture the true meaning of this holiday.


65 Religious Easter Card Sayings

  1. We can celebrate the gift of Jesus only because of the Easter story and the power of love defeating death. I’m wishing you a wonderful Easter full of love, life, and happiness.

  2. Easter is a celebration for all of humanity because it marks the defeat of death by Jesus Christ.

  3. You are one of the reasons I feel blessed during holidays or any time of the year. I hope you have a blessed Easter.

  4. Your dentist told me to tell you to enjoy Easter and then to brush your teeth.

  5. Easter was the beginning of hope for all! That hope continues on to today and in the future.

  6. Today is proof that life will always overcome death. Where there is life, there is hope.

  7. Easter is the best day in April to celebrate the best day in history.

  8. Seeing everyone dressed up once a year is a good enough reason for the season.

  9. Easter is about so much more than eggs, bunnies, fake grass, and candy.  Everyone knows Easter is about going to church once a year.

  10. When people ask you if the glass is half full or if the glass is half empty, you can tell them that the tomb is empty. Then you can tell them Happy Easter!

  11. The ultimate Easter surprise happened two thousand years ago when the tomb was found empty.

  12. We hope your Easter is filled with hope, peace, and brightness.

  13. May your Easter be the sweetest one yet! It’s Easter! That means I get to celebrate a miracle with my favorite people in the world.

  14. Have a fun day celebrating this holiday Sunday.

  15. Easter is the most silly and serious holiday.

  16. The greatest act of love in history is followed by the greatest act of power.

  17. Don’t let Easter go by without having a little fun.

  18. All of nature seems to acknowledge the renewal of life symbolically during this holiday.

  19. An empty tomb can fill the world with grace.

  20. I hope your Easter is as blessed as the day we become friends.

  21. Today is the day to see hope fulfilled by power over death.

  22. I wanted to write you a great poem for Easter, but I couldn’t think of any good words to rhyme with keister.

  23. Christmas was the birth of our savior, but Easter was the demonstration of his power.

  24. The Easter story is the greatest love story in history.  Luckily, this love story has a happy ending even though the main character dies.

  25. There’s plenty that makes it a great holiday besides candy.


  26. You are a friend of mine just like Christ is a friend to the world.

  27. Never again do you have to wonder about the future. Christ is your past, present and future, and in His resurrection your future is secure. Happy Easter.

  28. Ring the bells at Easter and celebrate the joy of living. Christ has set you free and you should rejoice in this freedom. Happy Easter.

  29. Take time to reflect on what Easter truly means and you will be surprised at the revelation. You are forgiven, you are set free, you have life and so live it to the best you can. That is one way to truly honour the One who laid down His precious life for you. Happy Easter.

  30. We all have received the greatest Easter gift possible, everlasting life.

    We all have received the greatest Easter gift possible, everlasting life.

  31. Life without Easter would be life without hope.

  32. He is not here, for he has risen, as he said. Come, see the place where he lay. –Matthew 28:6

  33. There’s much more to Easter than candy, eggs, and a mythical bunny. It’s also a time to be grateful for friends like you.

  34. I hope you had eggs for breakfast. You’re going to need the extra protein calories to help you find what I’ve hidden.

  35. We’re all searching for good things. I hope we all find them. Easter is the miracle that we’re looking for, and it’s not hidden.

  36. This is perhaps one of the most lovely times of the year. It is the perfect time to celebrate new life for all.

  37. Good Friday would be Bad Friday if it wasn’t for Easter’s miracle.

  38. Easter is the reason for the hop in our hope.

  39. Have an ‘egg-stra’ special Easter!

  40. Of all the miracles he did, resurrection is the most powerful.

  41. Jesus is the reason to celebrate, and chocolate is a great way to celebrate.

  42. There’s much more to the holiday than church, dinner, and bunny traditions. It’s all about stuffing our faces with chocolate.

  43. I was going to put money in your Easter card, but I thought it would be more fitting to leave it empty just like Jesus’ tomb.

  44. Friends are like Easter eggs. You’re surprised at what you find inside them once you crack open their shells.

  45. I hope this special day is filled with life, love, and miracles.


  46. The best thing about Easter is that Reese’s resurrects the peanut butter eggs.

  47. Two words come to mind at Easter: Yum and Yeah!

  48. There are two holidays we must work hard roaming around and searching for our candy, Easter and Halloween.

  49. I hope your heart is filled with wonder and your stomach is filled with sugar this Easter!

  50. May your heart be filled with what is missing from the empty tomb!

  51. Time to focus on things that are important. That’s why I’m writing this card for you. You’re important to me.

  52. I’m feeling blessed because it’s Easter and because I have you as my friend.

  53. We all have reason to rejoice this Easter because Jesus is risen.

  54. This Easter is a happy Easter because He lives.

  55. Age doesn’t matter. We all deserve to find something valuable. I hope you find it whether you are looking for it or not.

  56. May you find what you are looking for and get what you need.

  57. New life is what Easter is about. I wish you vitality and all sweet things that are part of living in the post resurrection age.

  58. I love spending Easter with you. You are my surprise egg!


  59. Friends don’t let friends celebrate Easter alone.

  60. It takes faith to believe in the empty tomb just as a child might believe in the bunny.

  61. Because of Easter, slavery in all its forms was abolished. Let nothing ever enslave you again for Christ paid a high price to buy your freedom. Happy Easter.

    Because of Easter, slavery in all its forms was abolished. Let nothing ever enslave you again for Christ paid a high price to buy your freedom. Happy Easter.

  62. “Love, joy, and peace can be yours because of the grace of Jesus Christ. Happy Easter. Rejoice in the Lord.”

  63. “May the word of God lead you, guide you, and forever keep you safe in His care. Happy Easter.”

  64. “May this card remind you of the gift that Jesus provided and the power He has to give it gracefully.”

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