Funny Yiddish Sayings: 65 Best Yiddish Quotes, Sayings & Proverbs

Funny Yiddish Sayings: 65 Best Yiddish Quotes, Sayings & Proverbs.

Funny Yiddish Sayings: Yiddish is regarded as having a rich linguistic community of its own. Born in Hebrew and German, Yiddish has many specific words and phrases that are used when needed to add satire, sarcasm, and joy at the moment. Here’s a look at 65 of today’s best and funny Yiddish sayings to continue using.

funny yiddish sayings

65 Funny Yiddish Sayings

  1. Worries go down better with soup than without.

  2. If charity cost nothing, the world would be full of philanthropists.

  3. Az Got zol voynen af der erd, voltn im di mentschen di fenster oysgeshlogn!If God lived on earth, people would break His windows!

  4. If not for fear, sin would be sweet.

  5. Kleine kinder trogt men oif di hent, groisse kinder trogt men oifn kop.” Little children can be carried in one’s arms, while bigger ones are a weight on your head!

  6. He has more in his head than in his pocket.

  7. Az me ken nit vi me vil, muz men vellen vi me ken. If you can’t do what you like, you must like what you can do.

  8. Dress up a broom and it will look nice too.

  9. Don’t give me the honey and spare me the sting.

  10. Kleine kinder lozn nit shloffen, grosse kinder lozn nit leben.Little children don’t let you sleep, big children don’t let you live.

  11. You can’t sit on two horses with one behind.

  12. Mit gelt ken men nit shtoltsiren, me ken es laycht farliren!Don’t be boastful about money, it’s easily lost.

  13. Man plans and God laughs.

  14. Even a bear can be taught to dance.

  15. Don’t be sweet, lest you be eaten up; don’t be bitter, lest you be spewed out.

  16. Do not be wise in words – be wise in deeds.

  17. What you don’t see with your eyes, don’t invent with your mouth.

  18. May you run to the toilet every three minutes or every three months.

  19. Di liebe is zees, nor zi iz gut mit broyt.Love is good, but it’s good with bread. Meaning You can’t live on love.

  20. Words should be weighed not counted.

  21. First mend yourself, and then mend others.

  22. A pessimist, confronted with two bad choices, chooses both.

  23. Di kats hot lib fish, nor zi vil di fis nit ayn-netsn.The cat loves fish, but doesn’t want to get her feet wet.

  24. As he thinks in his heart, so he is.

  25. A mother understands what a child does not say.

  26. If you sleep with dogs, you get up with fleas.

  27. Eygene, az zey veynen nit, farkrimen zey zich chotshbe. Those who are close to you, even when they don’t cry with you, at least they screw up their faces.

  28. Az der man iz tsu gut far der velt, iz er tsu shlecht farn vayb!If a man is too good to the world, he could be too hard on his wife!

  29. A nar geyt tsvey mol dort vu a kliger geyt nit keyn eyntsik mol.A fool goes twice where a sensible person doesn’t even go once.

  30. If a girl can’t dance, she says the musicians can’t play.

  31. Not to have felt pain is not to have been human.

  32. Ich hob dich azoi lib, az ich volt dir mayn toit nit gezshalevit. I love you so much I would not even begrudge you my death.

  33. All is not butter that comes from a cow.

  34. Az ich vel zayn vi er, ver vet zayn vi ich?If I’m going to be like him, who will be like me?

  35. Thieves and lovers like the dark

  36. Make sure to be in with your equals if you’re going to fall out with your superiors.

  37. Zolst farlirn alle tseyner achuts eynem, un der zol dir vey ton! – All your teeth should fall out except one, and that one should hurt!

  38. Far gelt bakumt men alts, nor keyn sechel nit.Money buys everything except common sense.

  39. A drop of love can bring an ocean of tears.

  40. A bird that you set free may be caught again, but a word that escapes your lips will not return.

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  41. Vos m’iz geveynt af der yugent, azoy tut men af der elter. The habits we develop in youth are what we follow in old age.

  42. A black hen can lay a white egg.

  43. As you teach, you learn.

  44. Kinder un gelt is a shaine velt.Children and money make a nice world.

  45. They are both in love: he with himself and she with herself.

  46. He that can’t endure the bad, will not live to see the good.

  47. The hat is fine but the head is too small.

  48. Az der soyne falt, tor men zich nit freyen, ober me heybt im nit oyf!When your enemy falls, you shouldn’t gloat, but you don’t have to pick him up either!

  49. Don’t be sweet, lest you be eaten up; don’t be bitter, lest you be spewed out.

  50. A mensch tracht un Got lacht.Man plans and God laughs.

  51. Zolst vaksen vi a tsiba’le, mit kop in d’rerd! – You should grow like an onion, with your head in the ground!

  52. A zissen toyt zolstu hob’n – a trak mit tsucker zol dich ibberforen! May you have a sweet death; a truck filled with sugar should run you over.

  53. Don’t look for more honor than your learning merits.

  54. Chosen-kalah hobn glezerne oygn.Bride and groom have glass eyes. That is to say, We are blind to the faults of those we love.

  55. Don’t live in a town where there are no doctors..

  56. Work is no shame.

  57. If the rich could hire the poor to die for them, the poor would make a very nice living.

  58. With horses you check the teeth; with a human you check the brains.

  59. Ehren is fil tei’erer far gelt!Honor is dearer than money!

  60. Love thy neighbor as thyselfLove thy neighbor as thyself

  61. Ask about your neighbors, then buy the house.

  62. Zog nisht keyn mol az du geyst dem letstn veg.Don’t ever say you’re traveling your last road.

  63. Worries go down better with soup than without.

  64. Me varft nit aroys di umreyne vasser eyder me hot reynes.You don’t throw out the dirty water until you have a clean replacement.

  65. KLUTZ: An awkward, uncoordinated person.

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