6 Ways to Get Paid to Take & Sell Notes in College

 – Get Paid to Take & Sell Notes in College – 

Studying can be hard, especially when you find yourself trying to maintain your social life, earn some money, and still get good grades in school.

how to get paid to take and sell notes

But there is a way to combine earning money and getting good grades in school, and that’s by selling your study notes.

Since you are a student you may not have much time to spend on different side hustles, but this idea that I’m going to discuss requires no extra time or effort from you. It is nothing but selling your notes online.

Sell the notes of your previous classes or the ones you no more need and earn some side cash. Selling notes doesn’t require you to do any extra work.

You already spend time in college taking notes every day, that is all the time you need to invest in this side hustle.

There are several apps or websites online where you can upload your notes or study guides. These apps offer you different deals and you can make money when students buy your notes.


Ways to Get Paid to Take & Sell Notes in College

1. NoteXchange

how to get paid to take and sell notes

This is an Australian-based platform to sell and buy notes, flashcards, and study guides. Both school and university students can make use of this website for their study needs.

You can set up your own shop and prices on their website to sell your material. If you handle your selling business on your own then you will be earning 100% of your sales.

But if NoteXchange helps you with tactics to get your material noticed and sold then you will earn only 50% commission of the sales.

2. Course Hero

how to get paid to take and sell notes

Course Hero is a place where you can sell notes, study guides, and other helpful resources to other students.

This site also has tutoring, 24/7 questions and answers, and other helpful resources for any struggling college student.

If you’re an awesome note-taker or write a lot of in-depth study guides for classes, then you can definitely benefit from selling your stuff on this site.

Course Hero used to offer cash to people who uploaded their resources for others.

Now, the only way you can earn money is by becoming a tutor.

However, you can earn money toward a monthly subscription to the site by uploading documents and by referring friends, which can save you money while you get some excellent study help for school.

3. Notesale

This is a UK-based online platform where you can buy and sell books online. You just need to follow their three-step process for quick uploading of your notes.

By doing so it will instantly appear on the website and be available for students to purchase.

Notesale provides easy uploading and easy searching of notes. It also streamlines the transfer of money between students buying and selling notes to avoid awkward situations.

However, you are free to set prices for your books and notes.

To know about the three-step process, payment methods, and other details you can visit the Notesale website.


4. NotesVilla

This is a UK-based site that lets college students buy and sell their notes online.

To become a seller, all you need to do is click the Become a Seller button and fill out your information to start uploading notes to the site.

You’ll notice if you browse through the recently sold notes that many of them are free samples. This is a good strategy offered by sellers that I’ll explain more about in my successful note-taking tips below.

5. Nexus Notes

This is an online platform where students can get access to high-quality notes. You can upload your notes on the Nexus Notes website. Their team will check your notes for precision and quality and make it available on their site for sale once approved.

They usually sell notes for up to $35 and you will be paid 50% of each set of notes sold. This payment will be reflected in your account at the beginning of each month via Paypal.

6. Omega Notes

Omega Notes is also like all other websites to sell notes online. You can find all kinds of study materials on this site.

If you want to sell here, you need to pay certain fees for different things like large uploads, for pricing things above $35, or for listing materials for more than 24 months.

The best thing about Omega Notes is it offers a pricing guide to help you out. You will earn a 70% commission for each sale. The earnings will be paid via PayPal as soon as the buyer purchases your stuff.

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