6 Android Apps to Find Clothes by Picture Like Shazam

– Apps to Find Clothes – 

There are lots of Android Apps To Find Clothes By Picture. Do you enjoy using Shazam to find songs? you must have wondered if there could be a Shazam for clothes where you can snap clothing articles and search them online for purchase. Well, stop wondering and keep reading.

Apps to Find Clothes

Sometimes, you may come across a cute dress in public or on social media. You love it and want to find out where to buy the same or a similar one.

Well, the following apps can help you with that. All you need to do is to save the image or take a picture of the clothes, then you can upload the images to these apps to ID them.

Download your favorite app and find clothes by pictures efficiently.


Android Apps to Find Clothes by Picture
Apps to Find Clothes

1. CamFind

Well, CamFind is one of the best and top-rated Android app that acts as a mobile visual search engine. With CamFind, you can easily search for anything on your mobile device just by clicking a picture.

You won’t believe it, but CamFind can easily identify things like clothes, accessories, electronics, etc. So, CamFind is another best Android app to identify clothes in 2020.

2. Google Lens

The Google Lens application is an image recognition tool. It helps you identify personal accessories, clothes, and other apparel.

Unlike other apps, you don’t necessarily have to capture a picture of a shirt you saw in town. The viewfinder frame matches the clothing after highlighting it with a blue icon.

After the piece has been highlighted, tap on the circle, and the application will automatically pull it to the Goggle shopping page.

You will see a list of links where you can shop for this product. Shopping and fashion are now simplified with Google Lens.

This app provides you easy access to the shops selling the piece of clothing you are looking for.


ASOS is a British fashion retailer, and it also got an app. The latest version of ASOS got the ability to find your next outfit with a picture.

The reverse image search option of ASOS is quite straightforward to use and it automatically fetches styles that most resemble the one you are looking for.

But, again the image search option of ASOS is limited to the only ASOS retail shop.

4. StyleSnap

StyleSnap is really a great app on the list. If you are a fashionista, you will find it good for you. Unlike other apps, it mainly focuses on clothes and shoes.

StyleSnap is the product of Amazon. If you search for any clothes of your choice, the app will give you the best results. It works in conjunction with Amazon.

It takes its users to Amazon so that they buy products. Most of the users praise it for its great ability to recognize the item and fetch good results in the blink of an eye.

Amazon StyleSnap is the best app you will fall head over heels in love with. The fantabulous app is available on both Android and iOS platforms. You can download it for free without shelling out a buck.

5. Screenshop

Screenshop is another best Android app that could help you find clothes using a picture easily.
With Screenshot, you need to import the image, and it will scan the outfit and will show you the results in different tabs.
The app has a partnership with multiple brands and it provides a direct shopping link to the identified objects.

6. Pinterest Lens

Pinterest Lens is a viable solution to diversify your shopping options. This app shows you relevant and matched items.

If you saw a cute dress in town and captured it in a photo, you can search it through this platform. You can identify an entire outfit through this application. This app developer partner with Shop Style.

Therefore, it connects you to the best and most high-quality products. The lens bar allows you to explore different outfits to match your wardrobe.

After installing this application, it is easy to use. You can now match other attires from the ones in your wardrobe. When looking for new ideas, this platform will also bring out new relevant outfits.

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