200+ Unforgettable 50th Birthday Slogans and Captions for Social Media

You need to send the right message to celebrate a life milestone when you know someone who will be celebrating their 50th birthday. Luckily, I’ve compiled a selection of 50th birthday slogans and captions that you may use if you’re writing a text for a parent, a friend, a workmate, or a neighbor.

50th Birthday Slogans, Captions, and Quotes

Funny 50th Birthday Slogans

1. I am 49+1

2. Fifty and perfectly developed

3. Fantastic 50

4. Just an amount of 50.

5. Greater than ever at 50

6. 50 is supposedly the new 30.

7. Hit 50 and take over the world

8. At 50, remain cool and wonderful

9. Happy 50th anniversary

10. Fifty still makes you sparkle!

11. The age of fifty is the best age to be alive.

12. Don’t estimate the candles; simply bask in the light.

13. Luminous at Fifty

14. Fifty is like becoming 18, but smarter and more intelligent.

15. At 50, live well and keep running.

16. Celebrate the big 50 in style.

17. Fifty and doing well

18. The current trend is 50.

19. Fifty and a proud man!

20. Fifty and delighted

21. Classic yet not old. Merry 50th!

22. Life starts at 50.

23. Fifty had never seemed so lovely.

24. Fifty is only a digit

25. Continue to rock at 50

26. Soiled fifty

27. Five decades are gone.

28. Five perfect 10s equal 50.

29. I’m cruising to 50.”

30. Excellent news: I’m hardly 50 and unfortunate news: you are

31. Older lives count. Embrace your fifties!

32. Continue to be a legend. You’re only 50 years old.

33. I’m okay. Issue 50.0

34. To get here, it took 50 years. Let’s party together!

35. Fifty! You are mid-century modern, not old.

36. Fifty years old? Around 20, with thirty years of experience.

37. You look fantastic at 50!

38. Make sure you reach 80 since you reached 50.

39. May the white hair on your head be as plentiful as your life.

40. No one can look as amazing at 50 as you.

Slogans for 50th Birthday Party

41. As you hit 50, you can start a new one and put those years behind you.

42. I want to meet a 50-year-old person who is as attractive as I am.

43. Unless you’re 50 and your vision is deteriorating, you can always locate what you want.

44. Some individuals can’t make 50 seem nice, so all they need is a high-five.

45. Don’t allow reaching 50 to pull you down; it will be difficult to bounce back.

46. Getting drunk and passing out while you’re a teenager is worse than becoming 50.

47. Occasionally, reaching 50 is like reliving your teenage years.

48. It makes no difference whether you’re 50; everyone ages. Simply said, you are in the lead.

49. At least you aren’t breaking hearts at 50, when the bones may start to crack.

50. You are making 50 seem appealing.

51. Be glad to be 50!

52. You turn 25 for the second time today.

53. Have a wonderful 50th birthday!

54. There is no greater time to rejoice than at age 50!

55. Take over the world at 50.

56. Fifty, single, and gorgeous.

57. Maintain your glorious life! You’ve reached version 25 twice.

58. Take the champagne, and celebrate as if you were 18.

59. I reached 50 on Facebook.

60. No other event is as formal as your 50th birthday.

61. Blessed 50th! You are at least younger than you will be in a year.

62. Get the celebration going! It’s taken you fifty years to find your rhythm.

63. The moment you reach 50, a new chapter in your life begins. Enjoy this new section!

64. You shouldn’t feel guilty about reaching 50 since even wine becomes better with age.

65. At 50, keep flourishing!

50th Birthday Captions for Social Media

66. Finding love at 50 is never too late. Do not close your heart!

67. There are still 50 more years to go. Live each day to the utmost!

68. A five-decade reign of power!

69. Nobody hits 50 and believes they still have time. You have an endless amount of time.

70. Make your 50s your most memorable decade. The adventure has begun!

71. Nothing is more lovely than reaching 50 and being more enthusiastic about life.

72. Keep your head held high and your feet firmly planted since life only begins at 50.

73. The magnificent age of knowledge, power, and riches is fifty.

74. Recall your excitement at turning five. You need to be 10 times more thrilled about turning 50.

75. It’s okay to be 50. Never have you felt more alive than now!

76. Ready to enter my golden years, all dressed up.

77. Even while you may never possess gold, you do have some golden years.

78. Maintain calm; you just turned 50.

79. Hi ho, hi ho, you must get over the hill!

80. I’m indestructible so far!

81. Fifty! I demand a tally.

82. The greatest ‘f’ word is fifty.

83. Aged to greatness at fifty

84. Looking decent for fifty years old!

85. Fifty and still really fantastic

86. Cheers to 50 years old! Porridge has been made out of your wild oats.

87. Celebrating my 21st birthday, which was 29 years ago!

88. Despite fifty years, the legacy endures!

89. You’ve reached the big 50!

90. I’m 18 years old with 32 years of experience, not 50.

91. The magnificent fifty

92. Too healthy, too sassy, too gorgeous, to be… 50!

93. The king is fifty.

94. Tender heart, old fart.

95. I spent 50 years to become this good-looking.

Birthday Party Jokes for 50-Year-Olds

96. Feeling 18, acting 10 while looking 22 makes me 50.

97. Amazing at 50, birthday greetings!

98. I’m 50, I look 30 and I feel 20.

99. Growing from 25 to 50 

100. I have again hit 25!

101. You look better than 50! Outstanding, happy birthday!

102. Happy birthday and cheers for 50 years!

103. Age is not a factor; rather, attitude is.

104. Fifty. The celebration goes on.

105. The sum of five perfect 10s is 50.

106. Happy golden jubilee.

107. Don’t be envious of me. I still look great at 50.

108. My age is merely five decades.

109. A half-century-old!

110. Fifty and still going

111. Fifty! You are a mid-century modern; you are not old.

112. Your age is 18,262 days.

113. 5 decades older and wiser than you

114. Great 50th birthday and keep moving forward

115. You’ve reached the big 50! Birthday greetings

116. Half-way party

117. Happy 50 percent of 100

118. My 50th birthday has me unable to remain calm.

119. Fifty, funky, and exciting!

120. Age is an adventure, not an endpoint.

121. The toughest part of childhood is usually the first 50 years!

122. 18,250 days or 50 years old!

123. I possess 50 grounds to act whichever I like.

124. Try it out! I’m fifty and still hot!

125. Do not feel envious simply because I am fifty and still look fantastic.

126. 50 rules

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Quotes for 50th Anniversary Events

127. “You only experience youth once, but you may maintain your immaturity forever.” 

Ogden Nash

128. “Age 50 is not the beginning of old age; it is the beginning of wisdom and development.”


129. “Once you hit fifty, you may not be as youthful. But there’s nothing preventing you from being naughty and clever”.

– Anonymous

130. “Forty is the elderly age of youth. 50 is considered being young”.

-Victor Hugo

131. Being a hottie at 50 implies having hot flashes after menopause.

– Anonymous

132. “Every rock and roll musician over the age of 50 looks foolish and ought to retire.” 

-Grace Slick

133. “A whole new set of abilities becomes available to you after you become 50. You may now laugh, sneeze, cough, and urinate all at once”. 


134. “By the time we reach fifty, we have experienced our most tough lessons. Only a select few things, we’ve discovered, are really crucial. We’ve come to realize that we should never take ourselves too seriously”. 

-Marie Dressler

135. “Nature gives you the look you have at twenty; it is up to you to earn that face at fifty,” the proverb goes. 

– Coco Chanel

136. Age is not a concern for me. I believe that 70 is the new 50 and that 50 is the new 70. There are no laws requiring you to behave or dress in a specific way.

– Tina Turner

137. “Age 50 is the distance point when any slightly sensitive person properly realizes that they are answerable for the substance and consistency of their character”.

-The Dead Toad Scrolls by Kilroy J. Oldster

138. Every guy gets his due by the time he is 50.

-George Orwell.

Jubilee Milestone Birthday Quotes for Social Media

139. “I just turned 65, and I find that every year, my interest in human health grows. The average age at which it occurs is 50. I’ve always had a sluggish learning curve, however. Regarding the price of medical treatment, it is crucial”. 

-Craig Venter

140. “When you reach the age of fifty, you can’t read the small print, but you can see a fool from fifty yards away.”

– Anonymous

141. No, 50 is not the new 30. It seems like the new chapter is 50.

-Sharon Stone.

142. “After 50, you are no longer required to apologize for your ideas.”

-Robert T. Palmer.

143. “Turning 50 should indicate that you have at about 30 years of experience and are now prepared to become a mentor to assist others in realizing their aspirations and leading fulfilling lives.”

– Anonymous

144. Oh, don’t be so foolish. Do you really think that people couldn’t wait till you hit 50 before making age-related jokes?

– Anonymous

145. When filling up the gas tank is as much of a workout as lifting weights used to be, you are at least 50 years old.

– Anonymous.

146. “Turning 50 is like going to a buffet with unlimited food. The buns are larger than everything else on the menu, and what should be hot is cold and what should be firm is mushy”.

– Anonymous.

147. At 50, you realize that a whole fresh start has opened up in front of you.

-Agatha Christie.

148. “Turning 50 transformed me, and I’m much more self-aware now. Although I am not slim, I wear a size 10. I generally enter in the center and exit out at the bottom and top. Now I consider, Well, that’s just how I am”.

-C. Carol Vorderman.

50th Birthday Wishes for Men

149. Happy 50th birthday! You become classic rather than becoming older.

150. You must be an absolute genius if having gray hair indicates knowledge. Thanks for reaching 50, you deserve it!

151. At 50, you might look back with pride or look ahead with hope. Happy Big 50th!

152. Happy 50th anniversary! Drink more beer and continue to be wonderful!

153. After the age of fifty, a guy becomes a true gentleman. Joyful birthday!

154. I hope your body can continue to be strong and active as you turn 50, happy birthday, old man.

155. May you have an earth-sized stomach. Happy 50th birthday!

156. You are as exquisite as a wine because you are as ancient as you are. Salutations for 50 years!

157. As you prepare to make fresh ones, remember the pleasant old memories. Happy 50th anniversary!

158. I hope that everything in your life is as lovely as your facial wrinkles. Happy 50th birthday!

159. As we enter the next decade, be ready to rock and roll. Congratulations on turning 50!

160. As opposed to tomorrow, you are younger than you were yesterday. Merry birthday!

161. Now that you’re 50, I wish you the perseverance and fortitude to achieve your goals. Enjoy the day!

162. Happy 50th birthday! I hope success will carry you to great heights!

163. If anything, you’ll do dumb things more slowly as you become older. Merry birthday!

164. I wish you a year that is full of experiences, insights, and joy. Happy 50th birthday!

165. To become the guy you’ve always wanted to be as you age is my wish for you. Continue to motivate others. Happy 50th anniversary!

50th Birthday Wishes for Women

166. I hope your day is as unique as you are. Cheers to 50 years old!

167. Without you, the world won’t shine as brightly. A happy 50th birthday to you!

168. I’m sending a bottle of champagne and an enormous hug. Bravo on 50!

169. Youth is not important. Life starts at 50. Birthday greetings!

170. You’re just a year old, but I wish you knew how brilliant you are!

171. I just wish for clear skies, hearty embraces, and a day filled with happiness. Cheers to 50 years old!

172. Cheers to 50 years old! In the years to come, anticipate better days!

173. May you continue to be amazing. Keep living the 1950s lifestyle!

174. You improve with age, much like a wonderful wine. Cheers to 50 years old!

175. I hope you have a wonderful day full of love and happiness. Cheers to 50 years old!

176. You are more radiant than the stars. Enjoy your fifties!

177. Wishing for more booze-filled evenings, blind dates, and high heels. Birthday greetings!

178. After age 50, every woman is entitled to the finest things in life. Birthday greetings!

179. You still have the same attractive qualities. I’m wishing you a successful birthday and many more to come!

180. You deserve to stop toiling away and start enjoying. Cheers to 50 years old!

181. No woman should think that she is too old to cliff jump. Face those challenges! Birthday greetings!

182. Get your nails painted, new heels ready, and your hair done. It’s time to commemorate you.

183. 50 illustrious years. Birthday greetings!

184. May you continue to shine as brightly as you have for 50 years. Birthday greetings!

Frequently Asked Questions

Because 50 is regarded as the “golden age,” gold has traditionally been the color associated with this milestone birthday.

Yellow roses and violets are the flowers that represent the celebration of the 50th birthday.

A person’s 50th birthday is one of the most significant in their life. The individual being celebrated deserves the best that their friends and loved ones can summon because it’s a significant milestone and accomplishment.

Set up a wine tasting, bring in a celebrity speaker, rent the aquarium out, and organize a themed party are some things you can do on your 50th birthday.

After 50 years, we still celebrate birthdays because they demonstrate how mature we have become as a result of our various life experiences. Therefore, celebrating your 50th birthday indicates that you have gained a lot of life experience.

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