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5 Top GPT & Rewards Sites That Pay Instantly Via PayPal or Gift Cards

GPT & Rewards Sites That Pay Instantly: GPT websites or “Get-Paid-To” websites have been around for many years and only increasing in popularity. A type of loyalty program, GPT programs quite commonly have millions of members.

GPT Sites

What are ‘Get Paid to’ (GPT) websites?

Find your way to a GPT website for the first time and you might be left thinking that there has to be a catch –

after all, why would a website give you money just to fill in a quick survey or apply for a perfume sample?

The answer: because they want what you are offering–your answers, your time, even just you watching an advert from one of their customers.

If you don’t mind giving that away (and why should you?) then earning money online might be for you.

A GPT website collects offers from its affiliates into one simple portal so that you can access multiple revenue streams (not just surveys) from one website –

complete online offers for cash, get paid to take surveys and then get all your money cashed in and transferred to you by a legitimate and scam-free site you trust.

The concept behind GPT sites is simple: advertisers offer trials, surveys, videos to watch, etc. that GPT sites then offer to their members through their platform.

When their members take part in these, they earn a portion of the revenue that the GPT website earns.

Because many of the ways to earn rewards are by doing things, you would normally do online anyway (shop online, conduct web searches, etc.), GPT sites are attractive places to earn extra cash online.

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Advantages of GPT Websites

  •  multiple revenue streams (not just surveys only, for instance)
  •  cashback available to major online retailers
  •  most sites offer new member sign-up bonuses
  •  a profitable way to spend time online
  •  fun contests and sweepstakes opportunities
  •  interesting tasks always available for completion

Top GPT & Rewards Sites That Pay Instantly

1. Cashcrate

Cashcrate has one of the easiest signup criteria out of all GPT sites.

If you are over 13 years of age and speak English, then you can create your account on CashCrate. They have a user base of over 6 million people all over the globe.

This GPT site offers you many offers to earn money. Some of them include trials of products and services and sign-ups of sites.

Apart from this, Cashcrate also lets you fill up online surveys and earn rewards. Another way to earn through Cashcrate is to shop in their affiliate stores by visiting the link through it.

A lot of games are also available on the website that you can use to earn some side bucks. They also have a generous referral program, better than other GPT sites. You get 20% of your direct referral’s earnings.

If a user referred by you further refers to another user, then you get 10% of their referral earnings too. As with other GPT sites, there is a minimum $20 withdrawal from PayPal and all other methods.

2. Oh My Dosh

From the moment you first find yourself on the friendly pink website of Oh My Dosh, the big names spring forward.

It’s always good to see some of the bigger names to know that you are working with a GPT site that means business rather than a lesser site with affiliates you have never heard of.

Oh, My Dosh offers a real money pay-out rather than the gift cards, money off, or other side-pay systems of other sites.

This means you get actual pounds into the bank and are not locked into spending them with an affiliate site. Freedom for you to use your rewards in the way you want to.

Plus, knowing how important it is for you to get your money faster, OMD is always improving its pay system, now offering Lightning Payment for a three-day turnaround on rewards!

3.  iRazoo

iRazoo is one of those GPT sites that is focused on creating valuable customer input.

With this aim, the website offers many tasks that you, as a member, can do and earn cash and gift cards. iRazoo signup is free.

All you have to do after signing up is make art in the many activities that it offers.

The iRazoo Apps section gives you point every time you download and signup for an app on your mobile or tablet device.

Apart from downloading apps, you can take part in any of the paid surveys offered by iRazoo surveys and earn points for every completed survey.

They update their survey inventory every day. It also has the iRazoo TV wherein you can watch videos for earning points.

Apart from these activities, there are options to earn from playing games and completing online offers too.

4. Gift Hunters Club

The Gift Hunters club is one of those GPT sites that instantly pay you for doing things that you normally do when on the internet. They have an extensive collection of free and paid offers you can take part in.

These offers include signing up on free sites, subscribing to free trials and services, and signing up for some newsletters.

They have a points-based system. In this system, free offers give 50 to 200 points. The paid offers can fetch you anything from 200 to 1000 points. This GPT site has a host of surveys that are from several companies.

Every survey will tell you the estimated time and length before it begins.

It will also inform you of the associated pay so you can decide. With the GiftHunter referral program, expect to get 10% of the direct referral earnings.

You also have multiple methods to get your money. These include gift cards from iTunes and Amazon as well as PayPal.

GPT Bonus

Next on my list of GPT sites that pay instantly via PayPal is GPBonus. You have an extensive selection of offers and tasks that you can do to earn.

These include playing games, watching videos, and taking part in surveys.

GPT Bonus updates its website with over a hundred offers daily.

It is one of the most trusted of GPT sites that have been paying decent amounts for a while. The website’s withdrawal limit is just 1 Euro.

Over 10,000 people are using this site to earn. It is among the few GPT sites available in French as well.

All it takes to become a member and instantly start earning on this website is free signup.

You also have the option of using their referral scheme to set up a passive income source. Under this scheme, they will pay you 10% of the earnings of every person who you refer to.

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