40 Creative Craft Business Names You Can Use Today

Being an Artist, you should radiate creativity in everything around you and this includes using a creative name for your business. This goes a long way in attracting customers at first look. We’ve compiled a list of Creative Craft Business Names for you.

Craft Business

Artists come in many forms, and being crafty is a whole different art in itself. Are you crafty, you can see new life in a pile of junk and turn something completely ordinary into something extraordinary?

You might have the knack for making ugly things pretty, but what will you call your craft business? How can you convey all this in a few words? Read on for ideas and inspiration!

Where to Find Craft Business Names Online

If you’re just looking for a good, solid name for a creative business, Rocket Business Builder has provided a shortlist on its site that you can use for inspiration.

Most involve the word “craft” in some way. So you could use them for a generic craft business or make adjustments to suit your specialty.

Shopify Name Generator

Craft Business

You just have to enter a word that you want your name to include and it comes up with a list of ideas that feature that particular word with different descriptors.

You can then select one and go right to open a storefront on Shopify if that’s the platform you want to use.


Brand Boy

Another site to pull inspiration from, Brand Boy offers a list full of names of existing craft businesses that might be able to create some inspiration for your own business name ideas.

Below is a list of creative craft business names you can use:

1. Which Craft: Pun at its best, once you can get past the stereotype.

2. The Craftsmith: Inspired by jobs like blacksmith and wordsmith.

3. Better Crafting: An obvious choice. A little braggadocio doesn’t hurt.

4. Trifecta Crafty: You have all the craft supplies that anyone could ever need.

5. Craft Junkie: Perfect for clients who are starting to have a crafting problem.

6. The Craft Nexus: The place to go for all of the best crafts.

7. The Hobbyist: This is a simple, memorable name.

8. Crafts Bits: Nice.

9. Out of the Box Crafts: For a truly unusual shop.

10. Quirky Quilters: This one is easier to remember because of the alliteration.

11. The Crafter’s Corner: This is an adorable choice.

12. Crazy for Crafting: Yes, please!

13. Lovely Lady Crafts: This only works if you plan on having women as your primary clientele.

14. Craffiti: Obviously inspired by the wall art that adorns walls and trains all over places like New York and Philly. If you are also a lover of Graffiti, here goes your business name

15. Craftomainia: Awesome.

16. A Crafty Affair: The best type of affair to have right?

17. Crafty Cats: This one sounds more like a hip hop group In the 80s, but retro is gold right?

18. Color Me Craft: reminding people of a carnival an attract them to your business.

19. The Craft Corner: Quite literal

20. Neighborhood Crafts: Similar to the last

21. The Craft Gurus: Let em know just how good you are at creative crafts

creative names

22. The Craft People; This one screams ” that’s what we are duh!’

23. The Craft Experts: Double Duh!

24. Experts Of Craft: Just in case the craft experts is taken

25. Crafty Lifestyle: Because of it’s a lifestyle, not a hobby.

26. Main Street Crafts: Yes, google map reference.

27. Big City Crafters: For if you plan to move to the metropolis.

28. Small Town Crafts; Stay true to your roots.

29. Hometown Crafts: More roots, Alex Haley huh.

30. The Craft Doctor: Medical experts will have a problem but you have a poetic license don’t you?

31. Craft Emporium: Roman Reference equals top notch designer.

32. Crafts On Main: Sounding British is elegant after all.

33. The Craft Circus: Although, one won’t find clowns making beads it’s still a fun and creative name.

34. Craft City: A city of rafts sounds like something from Harry Potter.

35. Heart and Craft: Because you put your heart into your craft.

36. Crafterina: A ballerina in a quilted skirt would be an adorable emblem for your shop.

37. Flights of Fancy: Because your clients can explore all of their flights of fancy at your shop.

38. Rose Wood Crafts: Perfect for a shop that specializes in wood crafts.

39. The Crafty Crafter: Try saying this creative craft business name five times fast.

40. Pearls & Gemstones: This works well for any beading or jewelry craft store.

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