Price Comparison Search Engines Best for Finding Cheap Stuffs in 2022

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Shopping online is already quite difficult. If you want the best deal, you usually end up checking a couple of websites. This is where price comparison Search Engines, tools, and apps can help.

Price Comparison Search Engines Best for Finding Cheap Stuffs in 2022

Many of these websites have apps to accompany them, allowing users to search on-the-go. Many apps can also scan barcodes, so in-store customers don’t even have to search Google for the product!

They simply zap the barcode with their phone’s camera and see the search results almost instantly. Mobile eCommerce sales worldwide are expected to exceed half of all eCommerce sales by 2021.

Price comparison apps make sense, not just for the consumer, but for retailers too – both on and offline.


What is Price Comparison Search Engines?

Price comparison Search Engines are channels for collecting product information, including pricing, from participating retailers and then displaying that collective information on a single results page in response to a shopper’s search query.

This lets shoppers compare prices, shipping options, and services from multiple retailers on a single page and choose the merchant that offers the best overall value.

For example, let’s say I’m looking for a Rubik’s Cube and want to see what my options are, or maybe find the best price.

I can go to Google Shopping (one of the most popular CSEs around) and initiate a search. Here’s what comes up:

Benefits of Price Comparison Search Engines

1. Visibility

One of the biggest challenges for selling online is to emerge in the competitive landscape of e-commerce businesses.

Users do product research in order to find the right functionalities and to compare prices.

For that purpose, they use search engines, product search engines, price comparison sites, and apps. The more places a merchant is referenced, the higher the visibility.

2. Market makers

Price Comparison Search Engines are market-makers. They generate an entry point for users to look for products.

However, more sophisticated market-makers such as Amazon and Walmart are assuming the role of marketplaces and have overtaken much of that role.

Price Comparison Search Engines Best for Finding Cheap Stuffs in 2022

Marketplaces should have a prime position in any e-commerce strategy.

3. Automated distribution

An important part of marketing an e-commerce product lies in its distribution. Being visible in search engines is essential, as is being findable on social networks.

Comparison engines provide more potential touchpoints for users and are one of the automated ways in which you can market your products online.


Best Price Comparison Search Engines

1. Crawling

Crawling bots can gather pricing and product information. Crawlers mean the information collected is accurate according to what is live on the seller’s website.

In this way, it can be more useful – and there’s no dependency on the seller providing the information required.

However, using crawlers isn’t a realistic answer to the long-term success of a price comparison site.

They can be expensive, and difficult to maintain current data, as crawling takes some time. Not only that, some websites have anti-crawling protocols.

2. Google Shopping

Google Shopping is probably the largest and best-known comparison shopping engine. Products submitted to Google Shopping will also be displayed in standard Google search results and are integrated with Google Ads, the pay-per-click platform.

They also launched a beta benchmarking tool for product prices on Shopping ads. This tool displays three specific metrics to help you see where you stack up against the competition

3. API integration

APIs can be a convenient solution for some websites, but it can be pretty tricky to manage from different shopping platforms.

Sellers might be using Magento, WooCommerce, Bigcommerce, OpenCart, Shopify, or one of many other website solutions, presenting many variables.

API integrations can allow price comparison websites to connect with each of these websites easily, with the less technical knowledge required.

They can gather all the product information that is required, with less development time. This is a preferred solution, as it allows for more sellers to connect to the Price Comparison Search Engines.

4. ShopSavvy

This app is designed for mobile shoppers and it works great for both online and offline shopping. ShopSavvy will help you shop offline using their barcode scanner.

When it comes to shopping online, the app’s Price Comparison Search Engines will help you get the best deals.

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