35 Excuses to Call Out of Work

-35 Excuses to Call Out of Work-

Now and then, people need a break. I mean, it’s only natural; we are humans, no matter how much sick time, vacation time/paid time off, and holidays we are given as employees. In this article, we’ll be showing you an excuse to Call out of work.

35 Excuses to Call Out of Work

Good Excuses to Call Out of Work

According to an article on Axios.com, 11% of US employees work 50 or more hours per week, and people spend over 40% of their day at work.

 It’s no surprise that people need a break. So, if you want to take a same-day break or vacation, call in sick, and need to justify your absence, here are 35 good reasons to miss work.

1. Appointment


Getting a general health check, physical therapy, or therapy and counseling on the calendar these days is difficult. They shouldn’t bother you as long as you let them know you have an appointment that you can’t reschedule.

Some employers are very strict, so you may need to provide documentation. Inform them that they made the appointment at the last minute.

2. Fever

35 Excuses to Call Out of Work

Fevers are the hallmark of a bacterial or virus-related illness, and no one wants to take that risk these days (with the pandemic/COVID-19-coronavirus).

 If you have to go to work but don’t want to risk making other employees sick, it’s best to notify your boss that you have a fever.

3. Need To Care For Your Animal

It does not have to be an animal. You might have a lot of personal appointments. A dentist or veterinarian appointment, for example.

 Mention that you have a few of these on this day and that it’s best if you take the day off. Say something like, “I forgot about a dentist and a veterinary appointment.” They were on the same day. “Is it okay if I take this day off?”

4. Mental Health Day

This isn’t a bad reason. Most employers and team members will understand. However, when informing everyone about a mental health day, make sure you only tell your manager or boss and not your coworkers.

 Colleagues may not require this information. “I’m not feeling myself today,” you say. Is it okay if I take a day off today?”

5. Missing Pet

35 Excuses to Call Out of Work

A missing pet is as upsetting as a sick pet, if not more so. If your dog or cat has gotten away and you’re not sure where to look, know that it will be a long and involved search.

 Informing your employer that time is of the essence and that you need to locate your pet. Finding a lost pet will take up your entire day. Good luck locating them.

6. Sick Pet or Pet Emergency

Let’s hope your boss shares your passion for animals. If your pet requires emergency care, is vomiting all over the house, or has explosive poops, you must stay at home and care for them. Losing your best friend would be devastating.

7. Babysitter Canceled/Loss of Child Care

Being a working parent is difficult, especially during historical events such as a pandemic.

If you don’t have childcare and your young children are not in school or require extra assistance to be in school, your only option is to take a day off from work.

This type of call requires less documentation/proof than other types of calls. Your boss should be sympathetic.


8. Wifi/Internet Issues

It’s more difficult than ever to work somewhere public, and access to the office isn’t available to everyone.

 So having things go wrong, such as your wifi dropping and not knowing why/needing it diagnosed, is a major impediment to workflow.

Of course, anyone who does computer work works online, or works from home can always offer to make up the workday.

9. Family Emergency

There are many family emergencies, ranging from assisting your grandmother in changing nursing homes to assisting your sister in transporting your niece to the emergency room with a broken arm.

Perhaps your parents require help with delivery at home and cannot move the item/object being delivered. You really need to assist them.

10. DMV Appointment

No one messes with the DMV, and no one wants to go to the DMV; if you work at the DMV, pick something else from this list. The DMV is scarier than a doctor’s appointment.

11. Injuries

Injuries, especially if they are documented, are very convincing. It could be anything from a concussion to a sprained ankle, a sprained finger, or a bruised tailbone (the one you got chasing your son while playing baseball in the yard).

Injuries cause a day off and then some.

12. Home Repair/Apartment Repair

You can’t work when the roofers are pounding on your roof or when your landlord decides to re-floor your apartment.

Whatever is going on outside—jackhammers, window repairs, pipe problems, home repair, or apartment repair—is another major reason you cannot work today.

13. Jury Duty

Jury duty—it’s a part of life. If you get called in for jury duty, well, you’re off the hook.

14. Food Poisoning

Food Poisoning

Food poisoning is not the same as being sick. Most people associate food poisoning with vomiting, diarrhea, and general nastiness.

No one is going to question you about it, and you rarely go to the doctor about it. Purchase extra Gatorade.

15. Religious Event/Day/Holiday

Whatever your religion, a religious event or day, particularly one that is not formally recognized as a U.S. holiday, is a sure way to avoid work.

After all, challenging an individual’s religious freedom can lead to serious legal problems. Any good employer will allow you to take a day or days off based on your personal needs and religious affiliation.

16. Getting Stranded

Your flight was canceled, or did your car breaks down? Did the train you needed to take across the state fail to arrive? Travel disruptions and being stranded are surefire ways to miss work, especially if you can’t get home.

17. Lost Keys, Wallet, Phone

It’s a big deal if you lose your phone, keys, or wallet. Everyone was present. Nowadays, our phones contain so much personal and private information that losing them puts your identity at risk.

You must find it, and you cannot come to work until you do.

18. You Witnessed a Crime

So you saw a crime, you need to report it, and you don’t know how long that will take. No one wants to get involved in that and is relieved they are not in your shoes… so many questions.

19. Stomach Flu

Unlike food poisoning, stomach flu is contagious and difficult to diagnose. Did your children initiate it? From your partner? From the gym?

It’s impossible to pinpoint the source of the stomach flu, but one thing is certain: no one at your workplace wants it. Stay at home.

20. Moving


If you or a family member is forced to move because of an eviction, natural disaster, or other circumstance, you may need to assist them.

Explain to your boss that it is an unexpected and true emergency. This also applies to evacuations caused by natural disasters such as fires and flooding.

21. Root Canal or Dental Issues

Anyone who has dealt with tooth problems understands how painful a cavity or exposed nerve can be. Assume you need to see a dentist right away for an emergency root canal.

 They carried whatever procedure out. It is up to your dentist to decide.

22. Software or Hardware Malfunction

You can’t work if your tools break. You also can’t go out and buy a 2,000 computer just to keep working. Your company will most likely require you to bring your device in for service.

 Decide which day that will be—your computer battery may have been slowly depleting for some time now.

23. Donating Blood

Donating Blood

The moment calls for you to step up and donate blood. Tell your employer how important this is to you for a variety of reasons.

Perhaps someone in your family is benefited from the generosity of donors. You may need to rest after donating.

24. School and Class Schedule Conflict

Whether you’re in a master’s program or your children are doing remote learning, school often takes precedence over the 9-5.

 A supportive employer understands that in order to keep you as an employee, they must also support your ambitions and life goals.

 Is it finals week? Do your children require help in preparing for class? You got it.

25. Medical Test

Scheduling a medical test these days can be difficult, and the wait can be lengthy.

 If your doctor calls you at the last minute and requests that you come in, they will. Perhaps you’re not even taking the test, but your grandparent or parent.

That’s fine; notify your employer. This could include an optometry visit, allergy testing, blood testing, and so on.

26. New Baby in the Family

35 Excuses to Call Out of Work

Did your sister or a neighbor or a friend have a new baby? You should have been there! Don’t pass up this opportunity. Nobody can predict when a baby will arrive.

27. Car Trouble or Accident

If you are not commuting to work but your vehicle has broken down, this is still a headache and an emergency if you need to get to and from a specific location or have children to care for.

 Car problems are inconvenient. Perhaps you were in an accident? That’s also not fun.

 28. Death

A funeral, as well as the death of a family member, friend, relative, or neighbor, is an excellent reason to miss work.

If it is a scheduled ceremony, you should not have to go through the hassle of arranging bereavement leave and providing a death certificate.

29. Relative Birthday

Celebrating the birthday of a grandmother or grandfather, or a great grandmother or great grandfather, is a good reason to take some time off.

Work should not impede your desire to honor your family members! Perhaps it’s your child’s birthday, and you deserve to celebrate.

30. Allergies

Allergies are difficult to diagnose because they can be seasonal or related to a chronic condition—contact allergies or something immune-related.

You don’t have to go into the specifics… sneezing, diarrhea, and difficulty breathing, to name a few. Take some time off!

31. House Emergency

The house emergency excuse is general and completely valid. Is your bedroom flooded, has a wall caught fire, is your child infected with a virus or has your dog chewed through drywall?

Was your home broken into? A house emergency can cause so many problems. Most people, out of courtesy, will not inquire.

32. Migraine

35 Excuses to Call Out of Work

Most people who have had a migraine understand how painful it can be. You really can’t get anything done.  

Most people who have never had a migraine are unaware of how bad they are but will not question it. Migraines can occur and for any reason. So call in sick and get some rest.

33. Something Unexpected Happened

The most mysterious of all is something unexpected! There’s not much else to say about it. Was it a last-minute pet appointment? Do you have to transport a family member somewhere?

 Have menstrual cramps? Consultation with a lawyer? You’re not feeling well? Is it a surprise delivery or pickup? Something unexpected is the most adaptable and cryptic of all.

34. Plumbing Issue

Plumbing issues are gross and no one is going to tell you to leave it alone and let your apartment or house get flooded with sewage or whatever.

35. Gas Leak

Gas leaks are hazardous, and unlike a plumbing leak, which can cause structural damage and inhospitable conditions, a gas leak can cause destruction and even death.

 Nobody is going to deny that this is no laughing matter.

There are many reasons out there to stay back from work. You just have to look for the one that works for you best. When giving these excuses, make sure they sounds genuine and show some respect when communicating them to your boss.

We hope you find this article useful. Please share with family and friends. 

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