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30 Best Activewear Yoga Clothing Brands That are Very Affordable

– Yoga Clothing Brands –

Yoga clothing brands are comfortable, utilitarian, and cute, whether you’re on the mat in your favorite asana, meditating on the beach, or running errands. Yoga athleisure manufacturers have exploded in popularity, and their clothing selections are only getting better.

Yoga Clothing Brands

Yoga athleisure brands have risen in popularity, and their apparel lines are always expanding to include new fabrics, flattering forms, styles, and moods.

Yoga teaches us to let go of our egos and to form mental, physical, and spiritual ties.

However, in today’s society, there’s no denying the pleasure of flaunting your yoga skills to the world.

How to choose Yoga Clothes

It’s difficult enough to perfect a downward dog or try a new balance position at the yoga studio, but it’s made even more difficult when you’re fumbling with drooping, too tight, or uncomfortable yoga pants.

As a result, it’s critical to invest in clothing that is breathable, flexible, and comfortable.
Yoga outfit selections are mostly determined by preference and the type of yoga you intend to practice.

But, at a high level (see below for a more extensive discussion of these yoga basics), here’s what to wear to yoga:

‣ Breathable, flexible bottoms like yoga pants or shorts

‣ A breathable, narrow- or form-fitting top that won’t hang over your head when you’re upside down.

‣ For women, a sports bra or built-in shelf bra that offers enough support for the type of yoga you’re practicing

‣ A comfortable top layer for end-of-class savasana (corpse pose) or after class when you’ve cooled down.

What to look for in Yoga Clothing

Many yoga garments are constructed of polyester-nylon-spandex blends, and for good reason: these textiles provide the ideal combination of comfort, breathability, and flexibility:

30 Best Activewear Yoga Clothing Brands That are Very Affordable


1. Comfort

There’s nothing worse than practicing yoga in an uncomfortable piece of clothing.

As you tune into your body, you don’t want to focus on itchy seams and tags, saggy or too tight waistbands, or fabric that binds and chafes.

2. Breathability

Depending on the type of yoga you practice, you may sweat a little or a lot. Particularly if you’re sweating a lot, it’s important to wear breathable and moisture-wicking materials to keep you cool and comfortable.

Tank tops, shirts with cutouts, and yoga pants with mesh pockets will all improve breathability and venting.

Avoid cotton, which holds moisture, makes you feel hot and damp, then leaves you prone to chafing or getting chilled when class winds down.

3. Flexibility

Yoga involves bending, stretching, bending, lunging, reaching, and rolling.

Comparatively, your clothes need to keep up with these movements, which means they’ll probably be made with at least 15 percent spandex.

30 Best Yoga Clothing Brands

There’s nothing wrong with feeling amazing in your favorite yoga brand, believe me!

Yoga Clothing Brands

These top 30 yoga companies are all you need to channel your inner yogi on and off the mat.

1. Lululemon

Quality, luxury, and the current elegant yoga style are all synonymous with Lululemon.

The Canadian firm, affectionately known as “Lulu” by its cult following, was created in 1998 with an aim to deliver the greatest quality technical clothes to yogis all over the world.

Interestingly, the Align leggings are the most well-known. Without reservation, Lulu’s matching sports bra sets are usually a stunner if you’re seeking a set.

The best-selling Align leggings move and stretch with your body flawlessly. They’re essentially a buttery second skin that lasts an eternity.

Get familiar with this and join the league of those craving for yoga clothing brands

2. Alo Yoga

Alo was founded in 2007 in Los Angeles with the goal of embodying the transforming power of yoga.

Their stylish yoga wear is suitable for both the mat and the street. Alo Yoga clothing is luxuriously modern and popular among celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Taylor Swift.

Amazingly, it is contemporary, elegant, and beautifully functional. Their minimalist and attentive design and performance textiles are in style.

Equally, these leggings are so wonderful that you could virtually live in them! And the color palette for ultra-cute outfits and casual clothing continues to grow.

This sports bra dubbed the Alo “studio-to-street superstar,” can take you from the mat to a night out dancing.

3. Beyond Yoga

This Yoga is a female-led brand that is ethically produced in Los Angeles.

On the positive side, they prioritize body inclusivity and sustainability, using eco-friendly fabrics, waterless dyes, and a wide range of sizing options.

The bestseller legging from Beyond Yoga features a 5″ very soft waistline and a length that hits just above the ankle.

These are the go-to for most yogis for every yoga class or errand. Buttery soft, 4-way stretch, and performance-driven for even the deepest stretches. One of the most comfortable tank tops you’ll ever wear!

However, this tank features a shelf bra built-in, a racerback shape, and a lot of stretches.

With leggings or high-waisted jeans, the crop design is flattering and adorable.

4. Fabletics

This brand is known for its iconic VIP membership program and collaboration with Kate Hudson, and they specialize in inexpensive and stylish activewear.

Generally, their legging deals are budget-friendly, which is ideal for those of us who like to treat ourselves to a new yoga outfit every few months (no shame!). Contrarily, this legging is a Fabletics classic that comes in a variety of colors.

However, as part of their 2 for $24 initial VIP deal, most yogis will receive at least one pair of them. Nevertheless, this full-coverage bra with a high-neckline is ideal for Bikram, vinyasa, hot yoga, jogging, or any other high-affected workout.

Emphatically, it includes extra-wide straps and ultra-soft fabric that never dig into your skin or hinder your movement.

5. Athleta

Identically, the Warrior bra is as comfortable as it is gorgeous, with one of the most unusual styles on the market. Athleta, a division of Gap, is known for its high-end sportswear for women and girls.

They exemplify feminism, inclusivity, and environmental stewardship. Certainly, Athleta’s yoga collection has really come into its own, and they’re always coming out with new styles and colors, like these body-hugging tights.

They’re also sweat-wicking and dry quickly. This means they are highly adaptable for your style and body type thanks to the color and fit options

Also, the fabric is as smooth as butter, and the bonded chest band keeps everything in place without being restrictive, making it ideal for yoga and studio use.

It also works as a cute crop top for casual wear or heading out.

6. Under Armour

This line is ideal for the sporty yogi who likes to dash for the studio or go to the gym before a yoga lesson.

Most of their leggings are made for hot yoga or can be worn as a base layer or as a running tight. Under Armour is recognized for its workout clothing, so their recent move into yoga gear is a welcome addition.

For any sort of yoga practice, these bestselling stretchy knit leggings are lightweight and breathable.

They have anti-odor technology and a 4-way stretch, as well as a superb high-rise fit and two pockets. When you’re sweating buckets in a hot class, I adore how quickly these dry.

7. Gymshark

While not technically made for yoga, Gymshark is an activewear brand that continues to surprise me with its quality and style!

However, their leggings and sports bras are creams of the crop and are fairly affordable. Squat proof, stretch proof, supportive, and cute as heck, Gymshark sets won’t disappoint. 

Finally, leggings that stay up, never roll down, and don’t camel toe!

Similarly, high-neck sports bras like this adapt seamless bra offers the perfect coverage while still looking super flattering. With medium support and pretty cross-back detail, this Gymshark set will land you tons of compliments at the studio. 

8. Vuori Clothing

These ribbed shorts have a high waist, thick no-slip waistband, and seamless sides for distraction-free mobility. 

Vuori is a California-based company offering premium performance activewear inspired by the Cali coast lifestyle of yoga, surf, swim, fitness, and art.

Yoga Clothing Brands

Most importantly, their “Investment in Happiness” is a product guarantee that shows their commitment to happy customers. Biker-style shorts are always in style and are especially great for sweaty yoga sessions.

9. PrAna

This is the perfect cozy cardigan to toss over your sports bra or tank on the go. It’s elegant enough to wear with jeans on a casual outing, yet soft enough to sleep in on frosty nights.

Their sustainability efforts include everything from animal welfare to climate action to natural fibers to ensure that your yoga gear is ethical and eco-friendly. 

PrAna is “clothing for positive change” that offers some super high-quality yoga clothes and accessories while having a positive impact.

10. Namastetics 

This brand is a Canadian company offering an array of yoga styles that are ethically and sustainably made. They specialize in minimalist solids and unique silhouettes you can’t really find anywhere else.

Undeniably, their loungewear is especially soft and includes organic cotton options. 

These are comfy, breezy pants for cuddling up on winter nights or tossing over your shorts on the way to hot yoga classes. Namastetics is the best option as far as yoga clothing brands are concerned.

11. KiraGrace

This is a yoga lifestyle brand that celebrates the beauty, strength, and grace of women.

KiraGrace clothes, which are known for their yoga dress pants, are motivating, serving as both yoga wear and business attire. However, they’re obsessed with fusing the most up-to-date trends with the highest-quality materials and comfort.

They’re also made in the United States.

Yoga pants that can also be used as work pants in the workplace are one of the most innovative ideas in the yoga world to date. Stretchy, airy, uncomplicated, and oh-so-comfortable, these flare bottoms will get you to work in style.

12. Montiel

Designed and manufactured in Los Angeles, Montiel is an up-and-coming brand with an eye for unique styles that seamlessly transition from mat to festival to streetwear.

They are known for their high-quality collections and operational integrity. This top is excellent for layering over a sports bra and is one of our best-selling items.

The open-back shape is both appealing and comfortable, as well as wrinkle-free.

13. Free People Movement

The FP Movement is attracting yogis to their fashionable and laid-back stretchy yoga wear.

Identically, Free People has always been a bohemian alternative fashion firm, and the FP Movement is attracting yogis to their fashionable and laid-back stretchy yoga attire.

Stretchy and silky, with performance seaming for a barely-there feel, these relaxed pants are a must-have.

The atmosphere is laid-back and inviting, ideal for lounging, yin yoga, or errands in between courses.

14. Manduka

This brand has a reputation for making some of the most durable and cushioned yoga mats on the market. Their items are made by and for yogis and may be found at studios all over the world.

This popular mat is 6mm thick, supportive, and dense, providing great joint support.

The Manduka PRO was designed in Germany and is extremely sweat-wicking and closed-cell, so you won’t have to worry about moisture difficulties.

Specifically, these mats are simple to clean and maintain, as well as easy to transport to and from class.

15. La Vie Boheme Yoga

If you’re looking for a hippie bohemian vibe that is a bit more fun and eclectic, La Vie Boheme is your yoga brand!

Founded in SoCal in 2006, their colorfully patterned mats and accessories are for anyone who loves fashion, travel, and boho style.  This mat is heavy-duty yet lightweight at only 3.6 pounds.

It is latex-free and doesn’t contain any heavy metals like some of the cheap guys do.

With At ¼ inch thick, it offers plenty of padding while still looking super cute and boho.

16. Gaiam

This brand has been respected in the yoga community for years thanks to its authenticity and sustainable products for yoga and fitness. They offer mats, blocks, bags, straps, bolsters, and many other quality accessories for the beginner to advanced yogis, and everyone in between. 

Finally, a yoga mat that is patterned, cute, and grippy on both sides! This mat is thick yet lightweight, non-toxic, and has really great traction.

Gaiam is listed among the best yoga clothing brands

17. Toe Sox

Tired of your feet slipping on your yoga mat? Toesox solves this problem with simple yoga socks that have grippy soles and many unique styles available for hot yoga, pilates, vinyasa, and more.

No more losing your meditative zen from slipping out of a pose! Sometimes even the grippiest mats aren’t enough under moist conditions.

These socks are an absolute game-changer for anyone who gets sweaty feet or slips on their mat during their practice. 

18. Sanuk

Have you ever wished you could be on the mat all day long? Sanuk has designed simple canvas loafers with yoga mat soles that maximize comfort and ease while on the go.

They built these shoes with a yoga mat sole that makes it feel you’re walking on clouds all day long.

Surprisingly, these slip-on loafers are made with earth-colored canvas and are easy to slip on or off for yoga classes. The textiles are natural and breathable, so your feet don’t sweat or stink. 

19. Jade Yoga

JadeYoga was created in 2000 with the simple purpose of addressing the fundamental issue with most yoga mats at the time: they were overly slippery and chemically produced!

The founders used their experience creating rubber rug pads to create the world’s first PVC-free and non-toxic natural rubber yoga mats.

It comes in two different lengths and is 3/16″ thick. It’s around 5 pounds in weight and comes in a variety of beautiful hues.

20. Bennd Yoga

This one-of-a-kind business combines ayurvedic treatment, herbalism, and ancient weaving skills to create magnificent all-natural yoga mats, carpets, and textile accessories.

Each mat is hand-loomed and coated on the bottom with natural rubber latex for enhanced floor grip. 

Bennd stands out thanks to its all-natural, non-toxic ingredients and plant colors.

21. Carrot Banana Peach

Is it possible to find organic hot yoga clothing? Bamboo sports bra with a lot of effects?

Yoga mats made entirely of jute? This forward-thinking yoga firm in the United Kingdom is all about plant-based sportswear.

Everything they do is based on the principles of sustainability and the use of environmentally friendly products. Plant fibers such as bamboo, soybean, aloe vera, banana, and organic cotton are used to create their long-lasting yoga gear.

Bamboo fabric is naturally thermoregulating and perspiration wicking, making it a brilliant choice for active people. It is toxin-free and extremely gentle on the skin.

Bamboo, organic cotton, and a small amount of lycra for elasticity make up this sports bra.

22. Satva

This is a socially and environmentally responsible yoga clothing manufacturer that uses 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and recycled polyester.

They collaborate with Suminter India Organics to create jobs, build fair trade enterprises, and support the long-term development of disadvantaged farming communities.

From seed to stitch, their environmentally friendly sportswear is devoid of harmful pesticides and fertilizers and is guaranteed to support a good cause.

Without reservation, this is the organic cami you’ve been looking for!

This tank is ideal for yoga and everyday wear, with a built-in shelf bra, strappy back, and 100% organic cotton fabrics.

This is one of the best yoga clothing brands.

23. Wolven Threads

Wolven’s quest to “Make Sustainability Sexy” by transforming recycled plastic bottles into gorgeous, comfortable yoga apparel has caught the social media world by storm.

They’re carbon neutral and have a slew of eco-friendly certifications, making their very gorgeous yoga wear even more thoughtful and sexy!

Wolven’s style is based on bright motifs.

These high-waisted leggings are made from 86 percent recycled plastic bottles (to be exact, 27.61 bottles per pair!).

24. Outdoor Voices

With their mission to get the world moving and #doingthings for fun, Outdoor Voices is a performance activewear brand making fitness part of recreation.

Their unique minimalist style is urban and hip, made with sustainable recycled PET fabrics and partnerships with the World Wildlife Fund and Nature Conservatory.

This dress is flowy, sporty, and breathable, with built-in shorts and pockets for complete coverage and functionality. Wear it to the park for a quick yoga session and then head to a cafe looking cute as ever. 

25. Patagonia

We can’t talk about yoga gear without mentioning Patagonia, one of the most well-known outdoor and ethical activewear brands.

Their aim to support regenerative and organic agriculture is reshaping the textile business, allowing them to grow eco-friendly crops while manufacturing non-toxic clothing for the skin.

This business is socially and environmentally responsible as they come. It’s a win-win situation!

26. Onzie

If you’re looking for super-fun, vibrant yoga clothes—Onzie is your brand. From graphic patterns to leopard print and more, its offerings will help you express your fierce inner yogi.

It also makes great, flowy tops like this twist-back shirt (that I’ve worn more times than I can count), which pair perfectly with their funky sports bras. 

27. Liforme

They are made with non-toxic material and are biodegradable. What makes them even cooler is they feature strategically placed lines that help you find proper alignment and body placement.

Particularly, they come with a yoga mat bag to help you tote your planet-friendly mat with ease.  

28. Toesox

Do your feet slip and slide around during your flow? Yeah, same, and it kind of disrupts the Zen.

One solution: yoga socks. ToeSox makes all kinds of different options with grippy soles—including toeless pairs, full- or partial-coverage, and versions designed for specific activities in mind, including yoga.

They can double as barre or Pilates socks. 

29. Camo Racer Bra

The mesh detailing up top means you get the higher fit, but you also get some breathability.

What’s more: You can keep the cups in or out, depending on your preference.

30. Tri-Tone Slashback Crop Top

A bra that sits high and extends low, you can easily wear this without a shirt.

It also holds its own in terms of trendy color blocking and technical features, like moisture-wicking fabric and a cut-out in the back to keep you cool.


Yoga is as exciting and fashionable as ever these days, with so many conscious brands to pick from. Having yoga clothing brands is the best for your daily workout.

Yoga Clothing Brands FAQs

Q1. What is the Softest T-shirt Brands?

BUTTONED DOWN Men’s Short-Sleeve V-Neck Supima Cotton Stretch T-shirt.

Wrangler Short Sleeve Henley Tee.

Amazon Essentials Loose-Fit Short-Sleeve V-Neck T-shirt (2-Pack).

Gildan Short Sleeve Soft-Style T-shirt.

Merino.tech Lightweight T-shirt.

 Q2. What Brand of Uniform Scrubs are Your Favorite and Why?

FIGS Zamora Jogger Scrub Pants.

Barco Grey’s Anatomy Scrubs.

Landau Proflex Women’s 3-Pocket Mock Wrap Neck Scrub Top.

Healing Hands Athletic Raglan V-Neck Top.

Dickie’s Women’s EDS Signature Pull-On Scrub Pants.

Maevn Blossom 1202 3 Pocket V-Neck Top.

 Q3. Why Can’t Guys Wear Leggings?

Guys can wear leggings.

Leggings especially made for guys are known as Meggings. Meggings have been functionally and aesthetically tailored to the male physique.

Meggings supercharge your gym, fashion and festival style. Be brave. Be unboring.

Q4. What Does Pantyhose Feels like When You Wear Them?

For some, wearing pantyhose can be as unpleasant as getting a filling. They’re tight, they itch, and they’re a real hassle to get on and off.

Q5. Can Boys Wear Feminine Clothing?

Yes, of course, but if you wear it; it becomes boy clothes. Whether it’s undergarments or outer garments, it’s whatever you want to wear.

Q6. What Happened to BVD Underwear?

In the 1960s and 1970s, they started introducing sports tops, pocket T-shirts, and fashionable underwear made of nylon. In 1976, BVD was purchased by Fruit of the Loom.

The company filed for bankruptcy in 1999 and was purchased by Berkshire Hathaway in 2001.

Q7. What is the Best Women’s Fashion?

Hoodies Under Blazers.

Power Bohemian Florals.

Color Clashing.

Tractor Trek-Sole Boots.

Chunky Loafers.


Hot Goth.

Y2K Fashion.

 Q8. What is the Best Clothing to Wear in the Summer?

Loose-fitting clothing is your best bet for staying cool in the summer. Go for cropped, wide-leg pants, loose shirts, oversize blouses, and dresses and skirts with room to breathe.

Upgrade your athleisure. Technical fabrics are typically moisture-wicking, but they’re also tight, which isn’t always great for summer.

 Q9. What is Your Secret to Glowing Skin?

Exfoliation helps shed this layer and clears out dirt, oil, and clogged pores, giving you spotless glowing skin. Scrubbing regularly improves skin’s health with time and ensures a healthy glow, too.

You can pick a scrub for your skin type and exfoliate according to your skin’s requirements.

Q10. Do you Feel Clothing Trends are Always Repetitive?

According to the DSN English report on fashion trends, trends repeat every 20-30 years because of “generational changes and designers taking inspiration from styles their parents wore.”

Children are being influenced by their parents’ clothing and seeking inspiration to translate that into “modern” clothing.

We hope this article on Yoga clothing brands was helpful. Be a helper by sharing on your platforms.

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