3 Easy and Legal Ways You Can Get Netflix for Free

Netflix is one of the top paid streaming options with over 150 million subscribers. Between increasing membership fees, and tough economic times, not everyone can afford to subscribe, but there are a few ways to watch Netflix for free. 

Netflix for Free

Easy and Legal Ways You Can Get Netflix for Free

Share an Account

This might seem obvious, but that isn’t our fault. Netflix allows their upper tiers to stream on multiple screens. Their standard tier allows two devices to use an account simultaneously and the premium allows four.

If you have a friend who is paying for one of those tiers but never has Netflix running on their maximum number of devices at a time, then if you’re good enough friends, maybe ask them for the password.

Netflix likes to discourage this as much as possible, but they have a feature that allows different users of the same account to have their own profiles (thus preventing bad algorithmic suggestion), so they can’t really complain when people use the feature.

Sign Up for a Free Netflix 30-day Trial

The easiest way to get Netflix for free is to sign up for a 30-day trial. Every plan gives you the first month free which helps you decide if the service is worth it for you.

Netflix requires you to enter your credit card when creating your account. If you forget to cancel before the 30 days, your card will be charged. Set several reminders on your phone and online calendar to cancel your membership.

That way, you can avoid paying the monthly fee if you decide not to stick with the service.

Often, Netflix will offer another free trial several months after you cancel the first. Monitor your email inbox for additional offers. Some users report getting three free trial offers within a year.

If you decide not to cancel your account, the subscription then starts at a month-to-month cost. You never have to commit to a contract, and you can cancel at any time paying no fees.

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Netflix for Free

Get a Free Netflix Perk From Your Phone or Cable Company

Some companies, including cell phone providers and cable companies, offer promotions that include a free Netflix account. This isn’t exactly free since you need to buy something to get it, but it is a valid way to get Netflix without paying for it directly.

If you’re in the market for a new phone or cable provider anyway, it may be worth checking to see if this would be a good deal.

And if you’re already a customer of a company that provides free Netflix, there’s no downside to taking advantage of the offer.

For more information, contact your phone or cable company and ask if they offer any plans that provide free access to services like Netflix, Hulu, or HBO Go.

1. T-Mobile

T-Mobile throws in a Netflix account at no extra charge, but the deal isn’t available for all customers. If you opt for a plan that doesn’t require a credit check or a prepaid plan, the free Netflix offer is off the table.

Netflix for Free

  • T-Mobile webpage showing Netflix deal
  • Here’s how to get free Netflix from T-Mobile:
  • Sign up for a T-Mobile One plan.
  • Make sure you don’t opt for a prepaid or no credit check plan.
  • Add at least one additional line to your plan. The free Netflix offer is only available if you have at least two lines.
  • Opt-in to the Netflix On Us feature.
  • Wait for a text message from T-Mobile, and follow the instructions.
  • T-Mobile may change the terms of service for Netflix.

2.  Verizon

Verizon also offers the same package, but it isn’t for cellular customers.

The only way to take advantage of this offer is to sign up for Verizon’s FIOS TV, and it isn’t available with all plans.

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