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25 Best Boxer Briefs and Other Men’s Underwear Brands for Comfort

Learn about the greatest men’s underwear brands to keep an eye on. The following best men’s underwear brands are both comfortable and inexpensive, whether you favor boxers or briefs. We’ve compiled a list of the greatest couples to assist you.

Men's Underwear Brands

There are various men’s underwear firms to consider, whether you’re seeking designer underwear from a luxury brand or just need budget fundamentals that are high quality and comfy.

For an expensive look, some men may prefer name-brand boxers manufactured with high-quality fabrics, while others may prefer boxer briefs for a more fitted design that provides support.

25 Best Men’s Underwear Brands

Choosing the correct underwear can be difficult, with so many original lines and patterns to choose from.

We’ve produced a list of the greatest men’s underwear brands to assist you in finding the correct styles.

Explore these renowned underwear brands, from Calvin Klein to Nike, to find comfy mens boxers and briefs that you will adore.

1. Polo Ralph Lauren

This is a well-known American fashion house that specializes in sexy men’s underwear.

Undoubtedly, Polo makes exquisite boxers, briefs, undershirts, and tanks in every size and color, including an extensive collection, and is sporty and macho.

With sophisticated solid and plaid designs in loose woven cotton or stretch materials, the brand focuses on a comfortable fit and movability.

2. Emporio Armani

It doesn’t get much more appealing than Emporio Armani for beautiful and trendy underwear designs. The Italian designer is known for his fitted clothes, and the company’s boxers and briefs uphold that history of outstanding quality and design.

Moreover, the briefs expose a lot of upper and inner thighs while keeping the front structure comfy and strapped in. A loose boxer with clean lines is also available.

Emporio Armani underwear is bold and flattering, with barely-there support.

3. Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss, one of the world’s largest luxury German apparel brands, adds a unique twist to traditional underwear shapes.

Their stretch cotton and microfiber alternatives come in a variety of functional styles that keep everything where it belongs, including beautiful square-shaped boxers and traditionally modest v-shaped briefs.

Abstract prints, camouflage, and illustrations are among their unique and fashionable designs.

Hugo Boss’s low-rise and regular-rise versions are both functional and well-fitting, so try both to see which is most comfortable for you.

4. Nike

Nike is a good pick for versatile and performance underwear because it is the world’s largest athletic gear brand.

Interestingly, the company is known for sweat-wicking technology and chafe-preventive designs in its boxers, boxer briefs, undershirts, and compression pants.

Amazingly, these low-cost, high-quality styles have smart, adaptable construction, ensuring that you always look and feel great.

Nike, a sport and fashion icon, creates outstanding underwear for athletes and non-athletes alike.

5. Rhone

Rhone was founded in 2014 and offers a variety of clothing with a focus on shape and function.

Basically, this underwear line is stylish and well-crafted, with items made of breathable modal and ultra-soft Pima cotton, the best grade cotton available.

The company’s designs include innovative features such as an internal comfort pouch and a no-roll top that keep the waistband in place.

Certainly, these fashionable boxer briefs and trunks are excellent for any guy at the gym, in the workplace, or running around the city, with a signature captain stitch and a large line in a variety of colors.

6. Tom Ford

Tom Ford creates high-end trendy underwear for men who like high-quality fabrics and well-fitting shapes. His stylish underwear collection comprises cotton briefs and short-leg boxers that are both flattering and supportive.

However, whether you choose lilac, vintage pink, conventional and sultry black, or variations of nude tones, each piece features his characteristic Tom Ford Jacquard insignia on the silky waistband.

You’ll want to try each hue in smooth or textured designs since it’s daring and unique.

7. Lululemon

Lululemon is a yoga-inspired athletic clothing brand known for its motion-focused performance technology. It was founded in Vancouver in 1998.

You can’t go wrong with this company’s underwear styles, which have a history of movability and breathability.

Significantly, their Always In Motion boxer blends ergonomic design with a mesh-modal fabric to provide any modern man with the delicate but dependable support he requires throughout the day.

During your workout, their License To Train boxer wicks perspiration and keeps everything in place.

Lululemon’s various boxers are a practical and smart pick for any male, designed for the modern gentleman.

8. Tommy John

Tommy John is a men’s underwear line that emphasizes comfort and functionality.

The brand offers various distinct categories, ranging from boxers and trunks to briefs, allowing men to select the ideal fit for their needs.

You’ll enjoy their soft and well-made items, whether you prefer the Relaxed Fit Boxer for a breezy and refreshing fit or the Square Cut Boxer for a smooth and light touch.

Tommy John even invented the first horizontal quick-draw fly, which was convenient for men of all shapes and sizes.

9. Diesel

Since 1978, Diesel has offered rebellious and well-constructed apparel that sets it apart from other Italian labels. Simple cotton and cotton-blend constructions are available in a variety of colors and styles for their boxer briefs, jockstraps, and undershirts.

Red camo, distorted and 3D logos, and a subtle multi-fiber mélange fabric are also popular alternatives.

10. Calvin Klein

This underwear has been famous and trendy for decades as a tried-and-true global lifestyle brand.

25 Best Boxer Briefs and Other Men's Underwear Brands for Comfort

Calvin offers simple cotton briefs, silky and snug micro boxer briefs, clothes with an ergonomic pouch, and just as much of any feature you might want in a pair of underwear.

All you have to do now is spend some time looking through their extensive catalog.

Calvin Klein’s underwear range is always comfortable and sophisticated, with the iconic signature on each waistband, and keeps up with the latest designs and apparel technology.

11. Derek Rose

Derek Rose is high-end loungewear and leisurewear brand that is one of the most costly premium brands in men’s underwear.

Classic aesthetics are combined with innovative comfort technologies in the company’s range.

To ensure artisan-level attention to detail, they research and test their fabrics and sewing needles.

This designer creates upmarket boxers, briefs, and undershirts with a resort vibe.

Particularly, Derek Rose underwear is an investment, but it is well worth it because of its exceptional craftsmanship.

12. Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana is a storied Italian design house that has dressed the world’s elite since 1985.

The company’s men’s underwear line includes beautiful and macho pieces ranging from ribbed cotton boxers to conventional briefs and silk loungewear.

Apparently, these styles are ideal for trendy guys, whether they prefer stretch cotton boxer shorts or long leggings. D&G offers some of the best bottoms on the market, with a fitted shape that also encourages comfort and movement.

13. Adidas

Adidas is a famous brand among elite athletes and fashionistas looking for fashionable athletic wear.

Men's Underwear Brands

The current underwear designs of the brand consider various athletic types and lifestyles.

Also, some product lines are ideal for rushed activities requiring quick mobility, while others provide consistent comfort and support to keep everything in place.

During that morning run or that night at the club, Adidas uses high-quality materials that avoid chafing and keep your underwear from riding up.

14. Lacoste

Lacoste, a French brand known for sporty but sophisticated clothing inspired by tennis, has a new underwear range that is fresh, energetic, but also clean-cut and comfy.

The microfiber or jersey construction will fit your individual shape, whether you choose their boxer briefs, boxer shorts, or loungewear.

Lacoste’s underwear range has a sleek and sensual edge thanks to contrast waistbands, accent stripes, and their distinctive crocodile, allowing guys to be fashionable with their underwear while keeping a macho and athletic style.

15. Under Armour

Under Armour is a well-known clothing company that focuses on high-performance athletic wear and fashion.

In their boxers, Under Armour, which was formed in 1996, uses a proprietary blend of materials known as UA Tech to combat moisture and odor.

For physically demanding lifestyles and hot climes, this material is ideal. Specifically, the brand gives men tailored options that aren’t too loose or tight for underwear that protects and maintains everything where it should be.

16. Saxx Underwear

Saxx is known for producing high-quality, low-cost basics for men, with a focus on manufacturing comfortable underwear.

Without a doubt, the brand produces a variety of boxers, boxer briefs, briefs, and trunks that are always comfortable and stylish, ranging from loose-fit to long-leg alternatives.

All of their garments feature their unique BallPark Pouch, a proprietary design that keeps everything in place without the chafing and discomfort that often comes with too supportive clothing.

17. Ermenegildo Zegna

Ermenegildo Zegna is a family-owned premium menswear company that is a fixture in high-end department stores. Their underwear line is stylish and well-designed, and it always looks excellent.

Their elastane-infused boxers and briefs provide extra frontal support while also providing stretch and comfort.

You’ll like the styles from Ermenegildo Zegna if you’re seeking traditional underwear that goes nicely with your pricey suit or your casual jeans.

18. Hanro

Hanro, a sleepwear and loungewear business founded in Switzerland, features a model of underwear for every man’s lifestyle.

Sporty boxers for the gym, premium woven pieces for date night or bedtime, and briefs with exceptional fit and reinforcement are all available.

Unquestionably, Hanro is all about the immaculate finishing of their trendy underwear, undershirts, and socks, with intentional blends that incorporate sturdy Tencel with soft cotton.

19. Bonds

Bonds is an Australian apparel manufacturer that specializes in energetic and fun-loving men’s clothing. This designer avoids stuffy and corporate aesthetics while embracing smart shapes and cooling technologies as a timeless brand.

The company sells a variety of underwear to satisfy the demands of all guys.

Some lines have a distinctive pouch for comfort and freedom of mobility, while others use their exclusive X-Temp technology to keep your groin area cool regardless of the weather or your level of activity.

Bonds are bold and modern, with ingenious answers to all of life’s necessities, and listed as one of the perfect men’s underwear brands.

20. Hanes

Hanes is a well-known brand of underwear and basics that have weathered the test of time. Interestingly, this manufacturer continues to offer high-quality, comfortable, and long-lasting 100% cotton briefs and boxers.

Classics like mid-rise briefs and relaxed-fit boxers, as well as modern comfort-flex sporty fits, are available.

Particularly, Hanes underwear is lightweight and well-engineered, and it fits well and feels great. You’ll find their trusty and timeless essentials everywhere because they’re one of the world’s largest underwear firms.

21. Uniqlo

Emphatically, Uniqlo is a Japanese casual apparel company that has been popular among sophisticated and fashionable guys for decades.

They sell briefs and boxers in a variety of materials and fits that are both affordable and attractive. Specifically, they even sell low-cost Pima cotton briefs and boxers of the greatest quality.

Their sporting clothing is functional and durable, with odor-controlling and quick-drying properties. Uniqlo’s underwear line, while basic, has a touch of high-fashion with trendy designs and cuts.

21. American Eagle

American Eagle is noted for producing inexpensive, on-trend clothing with vintage, beach boardwalk, and Americana influences.

It may also interest you to know that American Eagle is regarded as “near-luxury” because of its high-quality cotton underwear and stylish fits. Their boxers and briefs are casual enough to come in more irreverent and hilarious patterns than full-luxury labels.

Choose American Eagle for a flash of color in your underwear drawer, from cartoons to hobby-focused designs like golf and gastronomy.

Get American Eagle as one of the men’s underwear brands and have value for your money.

22. Exofficio

ExOfficio creates technical underwear and gear for men who are active, outdoorsy, and adventurous.

These trunks and boxers are ultra-light, high-performance, and utilitarian, with breathable mesh, flexible elastane, and durable nylon.

Because of their moisture-wicking and quick-drying properties, the company’s simple and fashionable goods are ideal for everyday use.

23. Duluth Trading

Duluth Trading is an American workwear brand with a long history. However, their underwear range is practical and durable, with simple colors and a variety of styles for every occasion.

Most importantly, their Armachillo Cooling Boxers provide all-day breathability, while their Buck Naked performance briefs are almost weightless.

If you work outside or enjoy staying cool, you’ll want to purchase Duluth Trading underwear, which is mostly composed of nylon.

24. Everlane

Interestingly, Everlane has amassed a sizable following by providing stylish and functional clothing at a fair price.

Amazingly, Everlane’s boxer briefs, which come in a variety of lengths and are made of fine Pima cotton, are both minimalist and universal. They’ve been washed 50 times to ensure they’ll last a long time and are pleasant to wear.

Moreover, Everlane is a prominent direct-to-consumer company for guys who require trendy essentials and is known for giving a modern twist to classic products.

This is one of the best and most classic men’s underwear brands.

25. MeUndies

The MeUndies are all about breaking barriers and having fun with underwear, and it’s trendy and current.

Trunks, boxers, briefs, jockstraps, and even a men’s thong with a front pouch are among their brave and distinctive alternatives.

Traditional hues like black, white, and grey are available, as well as unusual ones like bright pink, orange, avocado, banana print, and bright summer gradients.

There’s also the opportunity to build his and her matching sets for you and your partner, which are cheeky and fresh.

Men’s Luxury Underwear Brands

Looking for a pair of supima cotton boxer shorts that are luxurious and classic, or a flexible pair of moisture-wicking, spandex-enhanced boxer briefs?

Men’s Underwear Brands

You won’t have to look far to find what you’re looking for. There are a lot of companies who would be ecstatic to hear it.

The greatest men’s underwear brands are up to the challenge, regardless of your preferences. These are the only names you need to know if you’re looking to renew your supply—or completely rebuild your underwear drawer.

However, get familiar with the following men’s underwear brands and thank me later.

1. Tommy Hilfiger 

One Luxury men’s underwear you can’t do without is the Tommy Hilfiger’s underwear set treats for the top of your dresser Boxers and socks are included.

Men's Underwear Brands for Comfort

The boxer is designed with a distinct brand of boxers with a slim fit waistband with elastic taping with a logo Socks that reach the ankle cuffs are ribbed.

The traditional boxer brief, in a convenient multipack, is stylish and comfortable for regular wear. It is made with stretch fibers and quality combed cotton for softness and strength.

2. Jockey

As a matter of fact, Jockey, like Hanes, has been around in some form or another for quite some time.

Jockey, named for the style of support associated with the jockstrap, is widely credited with developing the classic Y-front brief, with roots dating back to the late 1800s.

It was also an innovation that established the standard for underwear styles that are still popular today. When you’re in urgent need of no-frills underwear, Jockey is the brand to turn to.

It’s designed with the same attention to detail and near-indestructibility that put the firm on the map.

3. Saxx

Do you prefer your underpants to be made to NASA’s strict standards?

If you’re looking for a unique way to express yourself, Saxx is the brand for you. Every pair of shoes produced by the company features the brand’s own BallPark Pouch technology.

The (somewhat cringe-inducing) moniker “Saxx refers to the hammock-shaped pocket that gives Saxx’s underpants to.” All-day comfort is ensured by breathable mesh panels and ergonomic nine-panel construction.

Its flat seams promise to avoid chafing and the dreaded shimmy we’ve all experienced when something gets trapped where it shouldn’t.

4. Calvin Klein

It wasn’t always like this for the first name in designer underwear. Calvin Klein was once a global super brand that dominated billboards.

An upstart American label is credited with being the first to slap its name on a pair of briefs, triggering a seismic upheaval in the men’s underwear business.

Even after all these years, purchasing a pair of boxers with the renowned Futura typeface feels like a modest pleasure. Calvin Klein is the place to go if you’re searching for underwear with a genuine cultural history.

5. Mack Weldon

Another best boxer is Mack Weldon, a relatively new entrant to the underwear market. It creates a business by meticulously overthinking every element.

This means quick-drying, odor-fighting trunks that won’t let you down when you need them the most. Whether you’re halfway through a tough workout or a long day at the office, it gives you comfort.

6. Ralph Lauren

Have you ever wondered what makes someone fall in love with a brand so strongly that they refuse to wear anything that isn’t emblazoned with it? Clearly, you’ve never met a true Lo Head.

Ralph Lauren’s most fervent admirers are so devoted to the brand that denying them the opportunity to wear the brand’s underpants would be cruel.

The brand’s briefs are a terrific introduction to what it wells, even if you don’t know your Purple Label from your P Wing.

7. Tom Ford Logo-patch Silk-blend Boxer Short

“Tasteful restraint” isn’t something Tom Ford is known for. Tasteful? Sure. Restraint?

Not at all.

The brand’s extremely sumptuous silk boxers are one of the most interesting cases we’ve seen for the existence of designer underwear as a separate genre.

8. Nike Dri-FIT ReLuxe Boxer Briefs

The Swoosh’s high-quality, quick-drying boxers combine the best of Dri-FIT technology with extra-soft recycled polyester fibers that hug your lower body in all the right places.

9. Zimmerli Micromodal-blend Jersey Boxer Briefs

Micromodal rayon is a highly processed rayon that is renowned for its exceptional softness. Zimmerli’s Swiss underwear magicians employ it.

Together with a hint of elastane, it ensures that your most delicate parts are never anything but happiness.

10. Champion Men’s P2 Knit Boxer Brief

The Champion designer stretch knit boxer brief is ideal for any lifestyle solids and is created for optimal comfort.

men's underwear brands

It’s made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex; Heather is made of 83 percent cotton, 12 percent polyester, and 5% spandex. Imported. Simple to put on.

11. Derek Rose Wellington 52 striped Cotton Boxer Shorts

This boxer brief distinctive shorts are made with gently curved leg seams that resist bunching no matter how much you put them through the wringer.

12. Sunspel Stretch-cotton Boxer Briefs 

Sunspel’s extraordinarily soft, luxed-up basics are tough to match for the type of quality underpinnings you wear day in and day out.

The boxers from the British company are costly, but they’re worth every penny.

Men’s Underwear Brands FAQs

Q1. What are the Best Boxer briefs for Men?

Calvin Klein Boxer

Diesel Boxer

Tom Ford Logo-patch Silk-blend Boxer Short

Nike Dri-FIT ReLuxe Boxer

Champion Men’s P2 Knit Boxer Brief

Derek Rose Wellington 52 striped Cotton Boxer

Saxx Underwear

Q2. What are the Best brands of Boxers or Briefs to Buy?

Rhone Essentials Active Boxer Brief.

Calvin Klein Men’s Boxer Briefs.

Nike Dri-FIT Everyday Performance Boxer Briefs.

Saxx Vibe Boxer Brief.

Hanes Men’s Comfort Flex Fit Total Support.

Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s Boxer Briefs.

Under Armour Men’s Tech 9-inch Boxerjock.

Q3 What’s Your Favorite Brand of Boxer briefs, and Why?

Best Overall: Mack Weldon AIRKNITx Boxer Brief.

Amazon Bestseller: Calvin Klein Microfiber Stretch Multipack Boxer Briefs.

Best Moisture-wicking Boxer Briefs: Lululemon Always In Motion 7″

Most Supportive: Saxx Quest 2.0 Boxer Briefs.

Best Value: Hanes Tagless Comfort Soft Boxer Briefs.

Q4. Which Brand of Underwear is the Most Comfortable?

SAXX Vibe Super Soft Jersey Boxer Briefs. BEST OVERALL.

Uniqlo Supima Boxer Briefs. RUNNER UP.

Everlane The Longer Boxer Brief. BEST UPGRADE.

Calvin Klein 3-Pack Boxer Briefs.

Gildan Regular Leg Boxer Briefs.

BN3TH Screensaver Boxer Briefs.

Gap Basic Briefs. 

Mack Weldon AIRKNITx Boxer Brief.

Q5. What are Some Really Good Snug Boxer Briefs?

Uniqlo Men’s Supima Cotton Boxer Briefs. $7.

Hanes Men’s ComfortFlex Waistband Boxer Brief (5-Pack)

MeUndies Boxer Briefs.

Saxx Underwear Ultra 2-Pack.

Tommy John Second Skin Boxer Brief.

Under Armour Men’s UA Tech 9” Boxerjock.

Uniqlo Men’s Airism Boxer Briefs.

Calvin Klein Stretch Boxer Briefs.

Q6. What are the Best Men’s inner Wear brands?

Calvin Klein. The first name in designer underwear didn’t start out that way.

Hanes. Not too many brands boast a century-long history of expertise in their given field, let alone in the underwear arena.




Mack Weldon.

Ralph Lauren.

Q7. What is the Most Physically Attractive Men’s underwear?

Hanes (if you’re one of those broke but jocks on the football team) fourth hottest brand.

Calvin Klein (if you’re a normal guy) second hottest brand.

Tommy Hilfiger (if you’ve got a little more money to spend and are popular) third hottest brand.

Abercrombie and Fitch (upper popular and rich class) hottest brand.

Gucci, Supreme (for the guy that’s extra and wants to show off) fifth hottest brand.

Q8. Which is the Best Men’s Underwear Brand in India?



Jack & Jones.

Calvin Klein.


Tommy Hilfiger.


United Colors of Benetton

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