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20+ Fun Slack Games and Activities for Remote Team

Slack games are ways to use the Slack communication platform for entertainment and remote team bonding. You can, for example, play tic tac toe, ping-pong, and hangman, since the purpose is to achieve team bonding amongst workers, we’ve compiled a list of slack games that can help you achieve this.

slack games

List of Great Slack Games You Will Enjoy

There are lots of slack games one can choose from, and we have selected a few that will increase team bonding and engagement for remote workers.

1. Wordgame

slack games

Wordsgame is a Slack bot that caters specifically to fans of vocabulary games. Once you’ve created a channel and installed the app, you can use the /wordsgame slash command to request random challenges from Wordsgame.

It generates letter lists, and players must create as many words as they can in sixty seconds. The results are automatically tabulated by Wordsgame, and the player who generates the most words wins.

2. Story Building

Story Building is a team-building game that requires collaboration and interaction. One player begins the story by typing a sentence or a word into the thread, and the rest of the team can begin replying in the thread by constructing the story.

3. Tic-Tac-Toe

slack games

Tic-Tac-Toe, as the name implies, is a fun and interactive Slack game you can easily install from the app directory or the Tic-Tac-Toe website. This platform features an old-school classic in digital format.

To begin, enter the /tictactoe command in the direct chat channel. Each player takes turns selecting a ‘x’ or a ‘o,’ and the person who gets three ‘x’s or ‘o’s in a straight line first wins! Tic Tac Toe is compatible with the Slack web and desktop apps.

4. Codenames

slack games

Don’t understand what the code name is? Simply put, Codenames is a game in which players try to figure out which words in a set are connected to one-word hints given by another player.

The players are divided into two teams: red and blue. Each team chooses one player to be the spymaster, while the others serve as field operatives.

To play codenames, just type “/codenames” and let your teammates select their preferred team, and you’re ready to compete just like a regular code name!

5. Trivia

Install the Trivia app, then select from a suite of games and topics to play trivia in Slack. The majority of questions are multiple-choice, and there are many game types. Rounds are brief, and Trivia keeps score on a scorecard.

Slack trivia is an excellent lunchtime break and remote teambuilding activity. If you prefer a more energetic, all-encompassing online trivia competition then you can host an online trivia activity.

6. ChessBot

slack games

One of the best Slack games for work is ChessBot. Because chess is a mental game, players will exercise their minds while taking a break from their work.

Do you want to know how to play Chess-bot on Slack? Install the ChessBot app on Slack and challenge players to a chess game.

To play chess on Slack, follow these steps:

  • Install the ChessBot application.
  • Request a game with the other players.
  • Players can accept or decline the challenge.
  • ChessBot displays aboard.
  • When ChessBot announces your turn, move your piece.
  • When ChessBot announces your turn, move your piece.

ChessBot can also run a computer analysis after the game to identify mistakes and boost strategy.

7. Hangman

slack games

Hangman is a popular slack online word game, to play Hangman:

  • Make a hangman channel.
  • Fill in a certain number of blanks
  • By replying in the thread, you can invite other players to guess the letters.
  • If the players guess correctly, the letter will be substituted for the blank. If a player’s guess is incorrect, draw one piece of the hangman.
  • The game ends when all players have guessed the word or when the sketch is finished.

For added fun, you can play Hangman with your own personalized word.

8. Rock Paper Scissors

slack games

Slack’s Rock Paper Scissors game is simple and quick to learn. Simply download the rock-paper-scissors app and launch the game with the /rps @mention command.

Challengers use hand emojis to respond. Slack rock-paper-taco is a great game for any workload because participants can play many rounds or just one.

players can also use the /rpsls command to begin a game of rock-paper-scissors-lizard-Spock for more challenges.

9. React to the Fact

React to the Fact is a game in which players must determine whether or not statements are facts. To play:

  • Participants make a statement and post it in the channel.
  • Players respond with emoji: thumbs up for correct, thumbs down for incorrect.
  • The first player reveals the answer after five or ten minutes by replying to the original post.

You can either keep track of your points throughout the workweek or just play for fun. If your are having trouble coming up with real facts, try an impressive fact generator or one of Slack’s fact applications like CatFacts or Shark Facts.

10. Icebreakers

slack games

This is a wonderful way to connect with your team, to begin an icebreaker game on Slack:

  • Make a unique channel.
  • Make a prompt.
  • Allow time for teammates to respond.
  • Emojis can respond to responses.

The Icebreakers application generates lists of selectable questions and directly prompts teammates, and you can interactively answer questions by creating threads within the channel.

Invite players to guess each other’s answers in the Newlywed’s style Game to make the exercise more competitive. Alternatively, give points for creative or popular questions or answers.

11. Connect 4

slack games

You can play this traditional kid’s board game in a public or private Slack channel with a coworker.

Connect 4 is a Slack bot integration that must be installed as a Connect4Bot from GitHub. To begin the game, use the @bot-name>: start command, and I will fill the board with circles.

The players must select a column in order to connect four consecutive circles. The first person to connect all four circles wins the game.

12. Team Building Polls and Quizzes

slack games

Polls and quizzes are two of the simplest ways to build a team on Slack. Install a Slack poll app first, such as Simple Poll or Polly. Create fun polls for teammates to answer in their free time.

Set a deadline, such as an hour, day, or week, for the best results. Finally, once all responses have been received, the results will be displayed.

To make the poll or survey more competitive, give points to individuals or teams who submit the right number of answers or vote for the most popular option.

Here are some Slack poll game suggestions:

  • Questioning games such as This or That and Would You Rather
  • Pop quizzes in a flash
  • Games of chance
  • Guess the survey results
  • Family Fight

13. Snack

Snack is an enjoyable Slack app for taking remote coffee breaks. It pairs you with a random coworker for a 15-minute virtual coffee date. Snacks are a great way to meet new people and know your colleagues better.

14. The Last letter game

slack games

This is a fun word game, and while it is not an official Slack app, you can play it via direct message or your team channel.

To play the last letter game players must select a category of their choice. Next, select a word from the category and use the last letter of that word to create a new word beginning with that letter. 

For instance, if one player says Miami, the other player must name another location using the last letter of the location, which in this case is ‘I.’ The following location could be Istanbul, and so on.

15. Decode the Emoji

slack games

Decode the Emoji is a game in which players are challenged to translate messages written in symbols. Create a channel for this game, then post messages written partially or completely in emojis.

Players must decode the message and crack the code, the first player to correctly answer the question wins.

16. Plop

Plop is a fun Slack game that helps people bond better with their coworkers. In this game, you must identify the person based on their profile picture.

Download and install the Plop bot and send a direct message to the bot to play. When the game begins, you will see the profile pictures of your coworkers and must guess who they are.

You can also ask the bot for a clue, and you will be presented with four multiple-choice options. This is an excellent way for new employees to get to know one another, particularly in remote teams.

17. Word of the Day: Wordle on SlacK

slack games

Wordle, the new word game that has taken over the internet, has us all hooked. You can now use Slack to play a combination of Wordle, Jotto, and Lingo.

Every day, at your preferred time, Word of the Day game is posted on Slack. You can participate in the word game and submit your score. The real-time leaderboard displays all the scores.

18. Word of the Hour

Language enthusiasts will enjoy this Slack game. Download and install the Word of the Hour on your Slack workstation and share your knowledge.

Every hour, a new word is displayed, along with its translation in various languages. You can use this to motivate and practice learning new words with your team!

To get started, use the command /getword, followed by the words listed below:

  •  Displays the word of the hour.
  •  Help: Displays a list of all commands.
  •  Channel: Displays the latest word of the hour for the entire channel.
  •  Language>: Displays the language’s previous words.

19. Gifs to Gifs

slack games

Gifs to Gifs works in the same way that games like Apples to Apples do. Instead of placing cards in a pile, players use a gif app like Giphy to post gifs on a Slack channel. To play Gifs to Gifs:

  • Install the Gif app in Slack.
  • Create a channel just for the game.
  • Prompts are posted by participants.
  • Other players use gIFs to respond to the thread.
  • Members of the channel vote on the emoji gifs.
  • The gif with the most emojis wins after five minutes.

20. Kasem

This is an excellent choice for discussing each other’s music and discovering new music. 

Kasem is simple, use the /kasem-addsong command to submit the link to any song (discreetly). Your music is saved, and if someone wants to find it, they can use the /kasem-getsong command.

The bot encourages you to listen to the song and try to figure out who submitted it by talking with your team. The /kasem-reveal command reveals the identity of the person who submitted the song. Simple and enjoyable!

21. One Word at a Time

One Word at a Time is a participatory storytelling game in which channel members are challenged to write a story piece by piece. With a single word, one player begins the story, and other participants respond within the thread.

If more than one player responds the audience votes on the best word using emoji. When the story comes to a natural end and the story starter types “THE END,” the game is over.

22. Ping-pong

This is an excellent Slack bot for hybrid teams because it involves physically playing Ping Pong with your coworkers. Simply download the PlayPlay.io app from the Slack app directory and install it.

You can use this bot to challenge a coworker to a game of ping-pong and then track your score and ranking. The ping pong bot has many features such as seasons, leaderboards, scores, and match history, which are displayed with fun animated GIFs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Definitely! These games can be found in the Slack app directory. Simply go.
to the directory and search for a game, or search through a collection of fun
games such as Tic-Tac-Toe, Wordsgame, etc. How do I Add Games to Slack?

  • Click Apps at the top of the left sidebar on your desktop. If you don’t see
  • this option, go to More and look for it.
  • Look for the app and then click Add. You will be directed to the Slack App Directory.
  • Click the Add to Slack button.

Rock-Paper-Scissors can be played on a channel or as a direct message.

Select Assignments after navigating to the desired class team. Choose Create > Quiz. Choose + New Quiz to make a new quiz or choose an existing one. If you can’t find the quiz you’re searching for right away, use the search bar.

Users who are creators in their workspace can create quizzes that they can assign to participants of their Slack workstation.

A Virtual Coffee plan includes the automatic introduction of colleagues via email so that they can meet virtually for a discussion on Skype, Zoom, Slack, or Teams.

Users can use the Donut app for Slack to automatically introduce teammates in Slack through the use of direct messages

Yes, Donut has an unlimited free plan.

Donut will choose participants from your Intro channel and forward a DM to them inviting them to meet for donuts or lunch via video chat!

Playing games on Slack is an effective, low-cost way to brighten up company culture and strengthen relationships among remote colleagues. Most Slack 

Working from home can be isolating. Playing games together online is a quick and easy way to socialize and unwind. Recreation with coworkers enhances the interactive and enjoyable nature of the work-from-home environment.

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