Core Competencies Resume Examples: 20 Skills to Add to Your CV

– Core Competencies Resume Examples –

Main strengths Resume Examples: Core Competencies are the skills you know you’d be talking to a job. Your credentials are these. You will be able to make your application stand out from employee monitoring systems and hiring managers when you include them in your CV/Resume.



In bullet points, the list of the best strengths will stand out. When addressing such credentials, stop using sentence structures. Make your skills quick, measurable, and easy to read.

In your curriculum vitae, you want a list of your core competencies so it will attract the attention of those evaluating your application.

These will also include the keywords used by monitoring systems to screen candidates that are deemed underqualified for the position.

20 Core Competencies Resume Examples

Here are some strengths of Resume Examples that are sought after in today’s corporate world.

Career Orientated

Many candidates aren’t even trying to turn up for a work interview in a crowded job market. When you apply for a position where the company can invest money in you, they’ll want to learn you’re in it for a long-term commitment rather than a short-term paycheck.


Employers want employees who can match their personal goals with the company’s strategic path. They want to know that you understand the way your work contributes to the project that is being carried out. There is also a desire to establish goals and to build actionable steps that will help achieve the dream.


Employers are always searching for candidates who know how to communicate positively, even though the feedback is negative.

Please note which tools you are familiar with to help you get through any tech-based keyword searches that may be in place with a tracking system for applicants.

Problem Solving

Employers want someone who can sit down, think of a problem, and finally come up with a workable solution. I don’t want to seek help from people who run to their boss or manager each time they face adversity.

Discuss how you are addressing a complicated problem, how you are solving these problems, and if they exist, provide some previous professional examples.


There are two methods of assessing an employee’s competency today using common terms: commitment and outcomes. Getting excellent efficiency behaviors means nothing if you can’t produce meaningful results for an employer.

Speak about how you concentrate on results, build them, and how you continue to rely on this chief strength to gain more traction with a hiring manager.


Employers want individuals who know how to manage their daytime duties. It goes beyond the to-do lists or is capable of making a plan or calendar.

You need to be able to schedule different activities that will establish optimal targets for the employer. You have to know how to use the tools that are made available to you to generate results, and then use them.

Research Skills

Speak about what you can do for the company by doing some work on it before submitting your application. In several jobs, today knowledge analysis is a key competency.

Discuss the tools that you use for analysis, how to optimize and search, and the different techniques used to retrieve knowledge from the Internet database.


Employers want to know that to meet a particular quality level, you can be assigned a mission and trusted. We want to recruit people with a reputation for turning up on time, supporting others where they can, and learning how to manage and stay successful.

Decision Making

There have to be hard choices in the business world. Are you the sort of person who assigns the responsibility? Or are you deciding, even though history decides that you’ve made the wrong choice? Employers today look for candidates who can take strategic chances that advance the company’s culture.

Tech Skills

Tech Skills

The reality that technology has entered the workforce does not get in the way. We are right in the midst of a global revolution.

List your top tech skills on your curriculum vitae to ensure readers will find you. This may include social media marketing, SQL jobs, coding courses, knowledge of hardware, web browsing, or anything else related to technology that could be important to the role you want.


When required you should be able to function independently. In addition to being competent enough to operate individually, many employers want employees who are also team-minded, and willing to participate collaboratively.


Businesses will have employment because they’re making money. That means you need to know how to market the products or services supplied through your role.

Speak about how you see the competition and what you can do to help create a greater difference for this business to gain a larger share in the future.

Motivational Support

If you’re looking at a managerial job, that’s a core competency that you have to have. You have to learn how to consider others, and then praise them for their accomplishments.

You show pride in your staff, and you inspire people to appreciate their hard work. You must recognize and fix any moral problems that might arise.


How do you feel to be a leader? That is what employers now want to know. Speak about how you’ve guided people in the past, then do your company homework to tell them how you’re going to be leading teams in the future.


You might call this item “trustworthiness” or “ethics.” The essence of honesty is to make sure you do the right thing, even though there’s no one around to keep you accountable.

Your efforts have to be geared towards the company’s mission and vision. When you make a mistake, you have to keep your promises, make it right, and own your decisions.


Are you the most efficient sort of person when you have to follow a daily schedule at work? Or can you adapt and flex your skills to boost your productivity levels when necessary? Being adaptable also involves collaborating with a diverse community of people and learning how to handle change for it.

Customer Relationship Management

It is important to handle customer relationships. Customer applies to whoever buys your product or has access to your service. Promoting customer satisfaction and achieving excellence are key attributes employers are searching for.

Client Service

This is your ability to expect a client’s needs and respond to them in a timely and courteous manner. This is especially useful when applying for a customer service position.

Forward Thinking

This refers to your ability to anticipate the consequences of situations or implications of certain actions, and then to respond appropriately.

Conflict Resolution

Works to resolve all sorts of differences, especially among employees, in order to maintain a good working relationship.

The scope of the CV will not be extended to core competencies. Not every single main point mentioned here should be included.

Alternatively, list the ones that are your greatest strengths, then list the skills you expect to be needed for the role you want. The combination can help your resume become more regularly noticed when you apply for a new job.

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