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14 Most Hated Countries in the World 2022

– Most Hated Countries in the World –

There are over 150 countries in the world with various government ideologies. People have various perceptions about countries. In this post, we would take you through the most hated countries in the world. Don’t skip any part of this rendition.

14 Most Hated Countries in World 2022

A variety of causes influences anti-national attitudes toward individual countries.

The most crucial issue is that the government implements policy in the country. Terrorism, internal disputes, foreign invasions, human rights violations, and hereditary conflicts are all potential contributors to a state of emergency.

Most Hated Countries in the World

Some countries have a good international reputation, whereas others do not. There are some countries that are universally adored, while others are universally despised without hesitation. Look right down to see the 14 most hated countries in the world:

1. China

Most Hated Countries in the World

China is at the top of the list. There is significant anti-Chinese prejudice as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. That is why China is the world’s most despised country.

China is constantly attempting to assert sovereignty over the South China Sea.

To coerce neighboring countries like Bhutan, it invents bogus land border problems, such as the Sakteng wildlife sanctuary dispute.

China’s large-scale illegal monster fishing fleets have resulted in huge economic and environmental devastation because of overexploitation of ocean resources.

They’ve also been accused of debt trapping and meddling in the internal affairs of countries like Nepal. China has used coronavirus vaccines as a weapon to compel other countries to embrace their objectives.

In China, human rights are seriously injured, and there is no freedom of expression or assembly.

It has been accused of murdering Uyghur Muslims and has one of the most active death punishment systems in the world.

2. The United States of America

Most Hated Countries

The United States of America is ranked second among the world’s most despised countries. Its citizens and the rest of the world because of its foreign policies and interference in other countries’ domestic issues despise America. Countless innocent people have died as a result of its counter-terrorism efforts in Syria and Afghanistan.

White supremacy, racial discrimination, has marred the United States’ reputation hate crimes, and gun culture. The United States is also admired for the freedom of its citizens.

3. Russia

 most experienced army

Russia is despised by members of the Soviet Union for wanting to rule and dominate neighboring countries. The two countries have had a long-standing enmity since Russia intended to annex Ukraine.

Russia has a reputation for intervening in other countries’ affairs and undertaking clandestine military operations, which has sparked worldwide mistrust.

Russia and the United States, both superpowers, have been contemporaries and long-term adversaries since the end of the Cold War.

4. Pakistan

Most hated nations

Pakistan has received international condemnation for significant human rights breaches and for housing terrorist groups like Al Qaeda. Its connection with the Taliban has compounded Afghanistan’s vulnerability, whom they view as protectors.

Hundreds of UN-designated terrorists have sought refuge in the country. Pakistan is known for its religious intolerance. It has employed violent coercion and destroyed temples to force religious minorities to convert.

It is the only Muslim country with nuclear weapons, and it has made news for smuggling nuclear weapons to North Korea and threatening other countries with nuclear war.

They have been forcibly employing underage soldiers, causing concern in neighboring countries. Despite the fact that things have improved, the public perception remains poor.

5. Israel

Isreal is one of the most hated countries in the globe

Israel is ranked fifth on the list of the most despised countries in the world. Israel-war Palestine’s between Jews and Arabs has been one of the world’s longest, propelling Israel to international prominence.

As a result, both countries have seen tremendous violence and human rights violations. Law enforcement forces, such as the police-led assault on the Al-Aqsa Mosque, which resulted in the deaths of several individuals have led to many attacks.

As a result of terrorism and blame games between the two religious sects, they have killed several innocent bystanders. The recent bombing of Gaza fueled anti-Israel sentiment.

6. France


Many countries despise France because of its colonial past. The devastating consequences of nuclear testing in French Polynesia, as well as the subsequent suppression of facts and bad damage control, tainted the country’s reputation.

Despite knowing about the Rwandan genocide in advance, France did nothing to halt it. Muslims were angry when a French magazine, Charlie Hebdo, published drawings of the prophet, and the president backed them up.

The deployment of the French military in other countries, such as Mali, has outraged locals.


7. India


India is ranked seventh. Discrimination is a national sport of India. This is one of the key reasons people dislike this location.

Hating someone because of their skin color, race, or gender is considered natural in India.

People despise India because of its atrocities against Kashmiris, as it has been killing innocent people in Kashmir for nearly 75 years. In addition, the country is unsafe, especially for women.

They’re putting a stop to it, but it’s not uncommon to read about a woman being assaulted by a bunch of men. For a while, it seemed like it happened once a week.

It’s a dreadful situation. It wasn’t like touching on the bus; it was just revolting. Furthermore, they do not have the finest relationships with the countries in their immediate vicinity. In this aspect, they have a dreadful reputation.

8. Iran

most hated

Iran is the next most despised country on the list. Iran’s unpredictability has made it one of the world’s most disliked countries, despite its interesting past.

Nuclear programs that test ballistic missiles have sparked worry among world leaders. Other countries are concerned about the government’s support for terrorist militia organizations like Hamas and Hezbollah, as well as its developing nuclear programs.

Iran undermines human rights while enforcing harsh and barbaric punishments at the same time.

9. North Korea

North korea

North Korea is next on the list. The internal affairs of North Korea are highly guarded. The country has the worst human rights record in the world.

Kim Jong’s authoritarian regime restricts all essential human rights, including freedom of expression, movement, independent media, and information.

Outside of the country, civilians are not permitted to maintain any contacts. It has a rapidly growing nuclear arsenal, which poses a major threat to the rest of the world.

10. Turkey

Countries that are hated

Turkey is the next country on the list. Turkish hardline President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s renovation of the Hagia Sophia Church into a mosque has prompted concern among religious sects.

Turkey has been charged with supporting terrorism and transferring jihadist mercenaries to a number of countries.

It has also awarded citizenship and passports to Hamas operatives, establishing a breach with other countries threatened by these terrorist groups.

Turkey’s hatred quotient has risen as a result of its human rights breaches and tense relationship with the United States.

11. Saudi Arabia

Despised countries

Saudi Arabia is ranked eleventh. Religious prohibitions are known as “Islamic laws,” which include punishments like stoning, lashing, and amputation that govern the country.

Women in this country are not free because they must cover their entire bodies, including their faces, while outside their homes in black clothing, and they may not go anyplace alone because a male relative must escort them.

All of these elements combine to make tourists avoid Saudi Arabia because they believe it is uninteresting, has complicated people.

And does not provide them with the freedom and comfort they require, particularly for women, which is why the country is not well-known as a tourist destination.

12. Nigeria

The federal republic of Nigeria

Nigeria is ranked 12th on the list of the world’s most despised countries. Apart from having Africa’s largest GDP because of its massive oil reserves, Nigeria is also one of the world’s most despised countries.

The Ebola outbreak, the rise of the Boko Haram terrorist group, the government’s attitude toward humanity, rape, and sexual exploitation fuels Nigeria’s standing as one of the world’s most disliked countries.

13. Romania

Most hated countries

The next country on the list is Romania, which is the largest of the Balkan countries. Romania has a long history of poor public relations.

Romania is still one of Europe’s most corrupt countries, which doesn’t help matters. Additionally, the country has been chastised for its treatment of the Roma ethnic community.

Romania is seen by many Europeans as a source of illegal immigrants who steal their employment.

In addition, news reports about horse meat being exported from the country’s slaughterhouses inflamed anti-government sentiment. Romanians are also well aware of the country’s previous history as a Communist dictatorship. This is the 13th out of the most hated countries in the world.

14. Qatar


Qatar is the fourteenth most despised country in the world. This country has a “poor” international reputation. Ties between the rich countries and terrorists, according to reports.

Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Libya, and Yemen were among the six Arab countries that severed ties with Qatar in 2017, citing the government’s ties to terrorist groups.

These countries accuse Qatar of “supporting ISIS, al-Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, and Shia insurgents in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.” In addition, Qatar is a country where men outweigh women by a huge percentage, and many workers are abused and exploited.

That concludes the list of the world’s 14 most despised countries in 2022. Tell us which one you despise and why in the section below, please leave a comment.

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