Metal Credit Cards: Discover the 12 Powerful Metal Credit Cards in 2022

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The American Express Centurion Card (or “black” card) was one of the first metal credit cards. Unfortunately, it’s invitation-only and costs $2,500 per year. Some people like the feel of metal credit cards and the reactions they get when making purchases. 

Metal Credit Cards

Metal cards are ideal for anyone who appreciates a commonplace object that offers both form and function.

But after weighing a heavy stack of cards, there was a surprising finding: Some of the most “premium” of the bunch actually weigh less than cards that are of the workhorse cash-back variety.

So, yes, style matters, but the substance does, too. Picking a card by weight alone might not get you the features you actually want.

Personally, I like them for their practicality. I’ve used my Chase Sapphire Preferred to scrape ice off a car window in the winter and open a locked door when I forgot my keys.

Type of Travel Credit Cards Made of Metal

Although all of our metal card options will provide rewards for everyday shopping, many of the best ore-laden payment cards are designed with the busy traveler in mind.

Not only do these top travel credit cards come with flexible travel rewards, but each has a metal-alloy composition that gives them that luxury feel.

Don’t worry about airport security, though; reports show these cards shouldn’t set off the usual metal detectors.

1. JP Morgan Reserve: 27g

Annual fee: $450. Note: you need to be a client of JP Morgan Private Bank (which requires $10M investable assets) in order to be eligible for this card.

2. Luxury Card MasterCard Gold Card: 22g

Annual fee: $995.

3. AmEx Platinum: 18g

Annual fee: $550.

4. HSBC Premier World Elite: 17g

Annual fee: $395. Note: you need to have an HSBC Premier account (which requires $100k investable assets) in order to be eligible for this card.

5. US Bank Altitude Reserve: 16g

Annual fee: $400.

6. Capital One Venture: 16g

Annual fee: $95.

7. AmEx Gold: 15g

Annual fee: $250.

8. AmEx Centurion: 14g

Annual fee: $2,500. Note: invited only, you can’t apply for this card directly.

9. CNB Crystal: 14g

Annual fee: $400.

10. Chase Sapphire

11. Chase Sapphire Reserve (CSR): 13g

Annual fee: $450.

12. Chase Sapphire Preferred (CSP): 13g

Annual fee: $95.

13. Chase Marriott Premier Plus: 13g

Annual fee: $95.

14. Chase IHG Premier: 13g

Annual fee: $89.

15. Chase Amazon Prime: 13g

Annual fee: $0.

16. Chase UA Club: 12g

Annual fee: $450.

17. Citi Prestige: 12g

Annual fee: $350.

18. Wells Fargo Propel AmEx: 10g

How to Get a Metal Credit Card

Only the privileged and high net-worth individuals could afford to get a metal card in the past.

Metal Credit Cards

Today, metal cards can be affordable and just as easy to get as any other card. However, in most cases, a good to excellent score is required to be approved for such cards.

How to Turn your Plastic Credit Card into Metal

If you can’t get a metal card or if you’re in love with your plastic credit card’s features but you wish it was made out of metal, there are services that can turn your plastic card into metal.

You can also choose your own design or etch a logo of your choice.

However, these services typically cost $150 or more. Not to mention you may have to give your card information to a third party. Users have had issues at the ATM or using the tap and pay feature.

Given the drawbacks, it may be better to stick with your plastic card until you can earn the upgrade.

How to Destroy a Metal Credit Card

If you need to destroy your metal card after you close the account, mailing it back to the bank is the safest way. Cutting it with tin snips or melting it could work, but can take more time than necessary.

If you’re getting a replacement card, some banks will also send you a return envelope for your old card. If they don’t, call your bank and ask how to return your card.

You could try cutting it with tin snips or use a lighter to melt the plastic coating. But, it may take a lot of your time and you if may not work.

Is a Metal Credit Card Worth It?

Metal credit cards gained popularity because they look and feel luxurious. After all, once you put the metal card on the counter it gets noticed.

However, metal cards are heavier than plastic and they can weigh down your wallet — especially if you have over one card. Also, depending on which metal is used in their production, they could trigger airport metal detectors.

But the material of your card shouldn’t be your only criterion.

If you find that a certain card isn’t a good fit for you, it won’t matter much if it’s metal or plastic.

Metal cards used to be exclusive for high-income users. But today, anyone with a good credit score can apply for a metal card.

Most of these cards offer high rewards on travel and dining purchases, but there are few that you could use to earn rewards on Amazon purchases or gas.

However, if none of these cards looks appealing to you, consider other rewards credit cards and compare your options.

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Is Metal Credit Cards Hard to Destroy?

Although luxury can very much be in the beholder’s eye, some things are universally fancy, like crystal chandeliers, marble showers — and metal credit cards.

Metal Credit Cards

Unfortunately, for all their appeal, metal credit cards do have one downside: destroying them. Given their metallic natures, these cards can be a bit of a pain to dispose of when they expire.

The tried-and-true method of “bend it back and forth until it snaps” is unlikely to work with one of these metallurgic masterpieces. The Platinum Card, for example, can only be bent 0.3 centimeters.

So, how to get rid of your old metal credit card? Well, you could always get crafty and upcycle your card with a fun project. Or you can take the simple route and simply contact your issuer; most will happily dispose of your old metal card for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is What are you selling? is a new and unique manufacturer of custom metal credit cards, debit cards, and other kinds of payment card. Specifically, we upgrade your existing debit or credit card from plastic to metal—that’s it.

If you ask your bank about the metal credit cards they may offer, be prepared to fill out a lengthy credit application, pay exorbitant yearly fees, or be turned down simply because you don’t earn the minimum yearly income (seriously).

For those who wish to avoid that hassle and simply get their hands on a unique, luxury metal card NOW, is the best and fastest way to make that happen. Upgrade your charge card status with TODAY!  

2. How safe is this process? GUARANTEES the SAFETY of this process or YOUR MONEY BACK!! All Transactions are SSL Secured and held to California BBB Standards.

We require all clients to submit either a frozen/locked or unactivated plastic debit|credit card for maximum security during transport. We provide free shipping security envelopes with tracking to all clients within the United States. Lastly we offer a FREE comprehensive warranty; as well as an extended warranty that covers damaged, malfunctioning and or manufacture defects. As a veteran owned business we stand 100% behind our service.

3. Is affiliated with my banking institution?

No, is not affiliated with any banking institutions. is a third-party company. We are similar in concept to custom check companies that make personalized checks (i.e., images bearing landscapes, cartoons, sports teams, Hello Kitty, etc.).

4. I want to place custom card order. Which option best suits my needs?

On the menu bar, click on the “Order Now ”. Then click on the “Custom Engraved Personalized Card” option photo. Scroll down to choose the color of card you wish to customize. Begin your order by filling out Step 1 in the questionnaire.  

5. What is your return policy?

You have 30 days from the original purchase date to return your standard metal card. After 30 days, all sales are final. Custom Engraved Metal Cards are non-refundable. Contact: [email protected]for product return instructions.

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