10 Ways to Get Free Movie Tickets Legally in 2023

Looking for free movie tickets? Well, you’re not alone. Sure, there are still ways to get cheap movie tickets. You can also get half-price movie tickets near you. But going to the movies is far from being cheap. Ticket prices seem to be going through the roof.

Free Movie Tickets

1. SeeItFirst

Registering for SeeItFirst takes just a quick minute and gives you access to complimentary screenings in theaters near you. Once you’re eligible for a screening, you can print your tickets from the website.

2. Warner Bros

Warner Bros. is a leading production company for some of the best movies on the planet, so who wouldn’t want to learn when it offers screenings of its newest hits?

Just sign up for a free account with your email address and you’ll get registered to find out when there are new screenings and events in your area.

3. Atom Rewards

Atom Rewards comes from Atom, a place where you can order movie tickets online.

Joining the Atom Rewards program gets you special movie deals and discounts, plus it lets you connect with your theater rewards accounts to earn more.

When you sign up, you’ll also get a free ticket after you see four movies.

4. Attend a Free Screening

Sometimes movie companies set up free screenings of movies before they’re officially in theaters, as a way to build hype. (They’re hoping you’ll talk the movie up on Facebook and Twitter afterward).

Sign up with a couple free screening websites to receive alerts when free tickets are up for grabs in your area. Two companies to sign up for: Gofobo and SeeItFirst


5. Fandango VIP

Where to get your tickets: https://www.fandango.com/fandangovip You can get free movie tickets from Fandango by joining its loyalty program.

This free loyalty program is called Fandango VIP. VIPs get invitations to free movie screenings and exclusive events.

As a member of the program, you get 125 points for every ticket that you buy. So once you have 500 points, you get a $5 reward. You can use your rewards to get movie tickets.

But, that’s not all. Through the program, members get access to advanced screenings. There are also other benefits to joining Fandango VIP, such as discounts and bonus rewards.

6. Crackle

Crackle has such a selection of recent movies that it’s hard to believe it is legal. Crackle is owned by Sony and therefore has mostly Sony offerings.

On Crackle you can find movies such as Big Daddy, Run Lola Run, and Rachel Getting Married. Some content on Crackle does have a time limit, so be aware of the movie’s “expiration dates.”

7. Repurpose an Unused Gift Card

Did a well-meaning relative give you — a vegan — a gift card to Outback Steakhouse? Or maybe your boss gave $25 Target cards to everyone in the office, but the nearest store is two bus rides away.

The solution: Sell your unused plastic scrip to a gift card reseller, then use the cash to buy movie gift cards (also at a discount).

The aggregator site Gift Card Granny tells you how much those unwanted cards are worth, as well as the biggest available discounts for the movie gift cards you want to buy.

8. YouTube Movies

YouTube, the king of online video clips, has a collection of seemingly random, free online movies uploaded legally. (My guess is that they are movies that have fallen out of copyright.)

Admittedly, I haven’t heard of most of the movies featured on the site, although I did manage to find Shopgirl, Charlie Chaplin’s Pay Day, and the cult classic, Plan 9 from Outerspace.

9. Drive-In Theater

Did you know that you can often catch two new-release movies at a drive-in for less than the cost of one ticket at a traditional theater? And that you can save even more by bringing your own snacks? Locate a drive-in near you, and discover the savings for yourself.

10. Regal Crown Club

If you watch movies at Regal theaters a lot, then consider joining the Regal Crown Club. As a member of the Regal Crown Club, you earn 100 credits for each dollar that you spend on tickets and concessions.

Then you can redeem your points to get free movie tickets! You can also use your points to get other complementary stuff, like soft drinks and popcorn.

Plus, the more you visit the movie theatre, the more credits you’ll receive, as part of the Crown Jewel Bonus Program.

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