10 Places to Easily Get Beauty Samples by Mail or Online

It’s possible to get free beauty samples. I am talking about actually getting beauty and cosmetic products as samples for free. This article shows you exactly how and why it works and many of the websites that you can use to get as many makeup samples as you want, for free.

Get Beauty Samples

Getting Your Hands on Beauty Samples

There are, in fact, tons of places where you can get beauty products for free. You just need to know where to get them!

Some of these places offer free full-sized beauty products, but most of them present sample-size products.

Free beauty samples are awesome too because sample products are small enough to travel with. So they save you cash on purchasing small travel-sized beauty products if you’re going away.

Additionally, if you keep getting a steady influx of samples, you’ll no longer need to buy more beauty products – you can just select a product from your stash of sample items.

Places to Easily Get Beauty Samples

1. Kiehl’s

Get Beauty Samples

Kiehl’s specialty is skincare and haircare products, from anti-aging creams to conditioners. If you need to stock up on these items, shop at Kiehl’s, and you’ll get three free samples with your purchase.

What’s cool is they don’t send you random samples like some companies do; you get to choose your samples from this page. Hair treatments, anti-aging serum, and face wash—these are just some of the free products that Kiehl offers.

2. Clinique

Get Beauty Samples

Clinique is another company that offers free stuff both in stores and online. Visit any Clinique beauty counter and ask to sample some of its products.

Most of the staff at Clinique will be happy to give you free samples.

If you’re shopping for Clinique online, make sure that you take advantage of the free sample offer. Clinique allows you to claim one free deluxe sample per order.

3. Swagabble

Swagabble is a website that allows you to try their beauty products for free.

The website matches companies who are launching new products with people who want to try new products and give feedback on them.

The website is very user-friendly. All you do is click on which products you are interested in trying and click the “want it” button.

Once you’ve signed up and listed the products you want to try, you will be sent an email with an invitation to try the products.

Swaggable says to accept your invitation ASAP since samples are limited. After you accept your invitation, they will ship your products.

You’ll then need to write a review and post it through the Swaggable platform. It’s as easy as that!

4. Smiley 360

Smiley 360 is another website that will send you free beauty samples for your review.

This website works a little differently.  In order to earn free products to review, you must complete “missions” on the website. To complete “missions,” you need to earn points.

You earn points by filling out your profile and taking surveys.

Once you earn enough points, Smiley 360 will email you opportunities for free product reviews.

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5. Glamour Magazines Beauty Club

Get Beauty Samples

Glamour Magazine’s Beauty Club is available to members worldwide. There’s quite a long survey to be completed in order to register as a member which asks about your preferences and readership of Glamour Magazine.

Once registered, you will be able to log into the panelist area where you can view all upcoming events and choose to take part in surveys that are rewarded with prizes and offers.

You will also be given the option of signing up to receive offers by email.

6. Influenster

Get Beauty Samples

As their name suggests, Influenster wants to send free samples to you in exchange for you sharing about the products on your social media accounts.

Once you’ve become a member (join for free!), they’ll send you a box of free goodies every few months. The more you share pictures and reviews of the products – the more free samples they’ll send you! (All major territories.)

7. Sephora

Get Beauty Samples

Sephora is a massively popular global cosmetics company that offers a wide range of great quality beauty and cosmetic products.

Apart from buying products from them, you can actually visit their website to get free samples of products you may be interested in.

You can click on the free samples link and get hold of samples of skincare & beauty products as well as make-up.

No, these samples don’t have to be because of a special one-day sale or other deals. In fact, you don’t need to purchase anything from their website before you can actually take advantage of what Sephora offers.

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8. Redbookmag.com

Get Beauty Samples

You have probably read the popular magazine, Redbook, but did you know they give out free beauty products?

All you have to do is join the Club Red in order to receive free samples for review as well as the chance to win prizes.

To sign up, you log into the site, and you will be directed to a short survey on your interests. After filling in the form, simply click on the button, “Get me free stuff” and add your email address, and you will be sent deals and offers.

9. L’Occitane

This French beauty company is known for its balms oils and organic lotions all of which smell wonderful The products can be pretty pricey, but L’Occitane always offers free samples and gifts.

This brand usually offers free beauty sets with a minimum spend and three samples at checkout. Also, make sure you check RetailMeNot for the latest L’Occitane deals.

10. She Speaks

She Speaks is pretty unique. It is a website a platform where women can read blogs, share reviews, read opinions, and participate in product testing. Joining the site is simple – you just need to fill out your basic info and answer some questions so that the site can match you with the right products.

Take Home

Of course, at the end of the day, the best method to save money on beauty products is to still just buy products that you actually need.

The perks and freebies we’ve shown you today are just meant to assist you in getting more out of each purchase that you have to make.

They’re not an invitation to unnecessarily spend money on items you don’t want or need just so you can capitalize on special deals. Good luck!

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