Sell Your Hair for Cash
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10 Places Near You and Online to Sell Your Hair for Cash

– Sell Your Hair for Cash –

Sell Your Hair for Cash: If you are the real-life Rapunzel you are probably thinking of relieving yourself of the stress of washing and combing for hours right? You can make some money doing that too by the way. Keep reading to find out how.

Sell Your Hair for Cash

With no cure for baldness and the ever-increasing popularity of hair extensions, healthy human hair is a valuable commodity. Many wig makers and hair brands will pay huge sums for your ponytail.

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What to Consider Before Cutting Your Hair

But before you chop that hair off Rapunzel there are a few things to take into consideration:

Untreated is a Treat

Also known as “virgin” hair, untreated hair fetches a much higher price than hair that has been dyed, chemically straightened, or chemically permed. These processes leave hair damaged, and buyers want hair that’s in pristine shape.

In the hair, world virginity is a virtue too. If your hair has been treated, It won’t sell for as much money as virgin hair due to potential damage from chemicals. Pool chlorine also has a drying effect on hair.

Length is King

Like in the bedroom in the wig world length also matters. Wig makers are normally looking for a minimum of 6 inches some may start from 10. But this does not include hair that needs to be trimmed at the bottom because of dryness or split ends.

Whilst length is important, it is usable hair that will be most likely to fetch some big hair bucks.

Heat is Not Your Friend

Don’t use heat to style it. When you want to sell your hair, don’t use hair dryers, curling or straightening irons, or any other heating tool to style your hair.

Heat damages hair and causes it to break, so it is having less value than hair that has never been damaged. You might also want to avoid letting your hair get sun damaged. Wear a hat when you’re going to spend a long time in the sun.

Hair Conditioning

Keep your hair healthy and shiny by using a deep conditioning mask from a beauty store, and apply it to your hair once a week. Let it sit for at least ten minutes before rinsing it out.

What Makes You Thick

Who doesn’t love a head full of thick, shiny hair? Thick hair is more desired in the hair market, and the more hair you have to sell, the more potential there is to sell your hair for extra cash.

Where to Sell Your Hair

1. Craigslist is Also Hairlist

There are a couple of ways to find a buyer for your hair on Craigslist. Make your own post. It is super easy, and free to create postings on craigslist. Be as detailed as possible, and consider posting your ad in multiple nearby cities.

Check out the “in search of” section. Before you waste time waiting for someone else to find your post, why not do a quick search of folks who have already posted an in search of an ad?

The chances of finding someone locally, depending on your locality, searching for your exact type of hair may be slim. But you won’t know until you give it a shot.

2. eBay

Of course, can sell just about anything and everything under the sun on eBay including your locs. If you already have a good seller rating on eBay, you may easily find a buyer for your hair based on the trust factor alone.

There are some listing and selling fees involved with eBay, though, but they could work out to less than other hair selling sites.

eBay buyers usually rely heavily on photos and clear descriptions so make sure you take very clear photos, of course,

3. Be Charit-hair-ble

If you’re feeling generous you could also donate your hair to charity. Although this would only earn you extra brownie points rather than extra cash, Certain charities collect human hair to make wigs for people undergoing chemotherapy. They are given away free of charge

Wigs made of real human hair are expensive, remember! Celebrities like Kate Middleton and Harry Styles have donated their locks! Organizations like the Little Princess Trust provides wigs for people under the age of 24 who have lost their hair to chemotherapy.

4. World of Wigs

World of Wigs is actually a brick and mortar store in Santa Ana, California, though they do, however, also have an online store.

Sell Your Hair for Cash


As you can guess, they specialize in wigs, extensions, and hairpieces galore! Unfortunately, due to an overabundance of hair, they are not currently purchasing hair.

I would still bookmark the page though, and check them out later on. Plus, this gives you some extra time to add some inches to your hair, before selling.

Once they start accepting it again, they do have pretty high standards and requirements.

5. Hairsellon

There are different listing fees, ranging from $15 to $50. One woman on the site even mentions selling her hair for $4,000 here! There’s no commission from sales taken from your ultimate price, so you get to keep what you earn, which gets transferred to PayPal.

This platform lets you sell your hair that’s six inches or longer. You can choose to run your ad for 60 days or a lifetime, depending on the listing fee you choose.

6. Buy and Sell Hair

Buy and Sell Hair is a popular site to sell your hair for cash. It has been around for nearly 10 years and gets a pretty good amount of traffic. The fee for your listing is going to cost you $14.50, for three months. That’s not even $5 per month, and you can run your advertisement until it sells.

You can even pay a small fee to get your ad seen first. To do this, simply upgrade your ad, and within 24 hours you will see it on the front page. Once your hair sells, your funds will show immediately in your PayPal account.

7. Locanto

You can list almost anything on Locanto, your hair included! It’s free to create a listing, and the site even comes up with some recommended categories for you based on what you say you’re selling.

Locanto listings stay on the site for up to sixty days, and you can relist after that if you don’t have any bites. Locanto has listings available in most major cities across the United States, and some other countries, like Canada and Mexico, are also included.

8. Online Hair Affair

Ten dollars will get you a 31-day listing, no matter what kind of hair you have to sell. For an even better deal, you can pay only $5 more, for a 62-day listing.

And of course, there is the option to upgrade your package, and have your hair listing featured in two different places, both in the home page slideshow, as well as on a sidebar on other pages throughout the site.

9. LetGo

LetGo is Carousell but for United States users to buy and sell stuff, including hair.

There are a lot of categories the app offers, but nothing specifically for hair, so you’ll probably want to list it in the Other category. It’s also completely free to list and sell stuff with LetGo, and you can do it through the app or on the website.

When someone wants to buy your hair, they can message you securely via the app so you can discuss payment and meeting information.

10. Oodle

Oodle is a big rival of Craigslist that’s becoming pretty popular with online sellers residing in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, India, Ireland, New Zealand, and Australia.

Sell Your Hair for Cash

It’s free to list your items and you can sell almost anything on the site, so hair is okay to list.

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