10 of London’s Most Popular UK Food Trucks 2022

Recently, it appears as though UK food trucks is everywhere in London, and we must admit that we love them. The days of taking your friends to a “nice” restaurant are over.

uk food truck

The most well-liked Uk food trucks in London are now drawing crowds of Londoners to street food markets all around the city to experience international cuisine.

Here are some food trucks in the city that you must visit this summer.

Most Popular UK Food Trucks

Here are some of the most popular Uk food trucks.

1. Anne Maes

Anna Mae’s mac ‘n cheese will make you rethink how good the packet mac ‘n cheese from your youth was.

The finest mac ‘n’ cheese you’ve ever had, prepared from scratch in huge cast iron skillets and topped with homemade BBQ sauce, crispy bacon, and even chiles, can be found in their 1950s-style trailer at various London sites. The best of southern street food.

2. Healthy Yummies

Healthy Yummies are ideal if you want to experience the London food truck scene but don’t want to overindulge.

You can be sure that you’ll feel fantastic after chowing down on their nutritious but flavor-packed meals because they take pride in providing “fresh produce with a nutritional conscience.”

3. The Orange Buffalo

Why travel all the way to the US when New York-style free-range wings are available right here in London, served with a variety of homemade sauces?

At Ely’s Yard, Truman Brewery, Orange Buffalo has a permanent location where they serve their famous, crispy-fried chicken wings.

However, they also have a seat available at Dalston Yard’s Street Feast this summer. Try the “Viper” if you’re up for it and cool off with some blue cheese and celery on the side.

4. Bhangra Burger

Bhangra Burger serves you curry-infused burgers with colorful flavors that really pack a punch, fusing one of the country’s favorite cuisines with the basic burger.

Try the “crazy lamb jalfrezi burger” at KERB in King’s Cross, which is made of spice-marinated lamb mince rolled in Lebanese flatbread and topped with mango chutney and lime pickle.

5. You Doughnut

uk food truck in london

You Doughnut is a welcome change of pace in the city’s food truck scene because so many of them serve savory street cuisine.

Their handmade, bite-sized doughnuts are also a welcome change from the ordinary.

You Doughnut is guaranteed to have something for those with a sweet craving.

Whether you prefer your doughnuts filled with your favorite filling or topped with delectable sauces and the kind of toppings that’ll transport you back to your youth (hundreds and thousands anyone?).

6. Mother Clucker

If you recently went to Brick Lane’s Truman Brewery, you probably noticed Mother Clucker’s converted US Army ambulance parked up in Ely’s Yard, right outside the brewery building itself.

Serving up their famous tea-brined, buttermilk-soaked, twice-battered southern fried chicken along with cajun fries, black-eyed peas, and mac ‘n’ cheese.

Don’t forget to drizzle their own hot sauces over your chicken strips as well!

7. Rainbo

Rainbo’s motto is “Food for Freedom,” and as a result, 20p from each meal purchased from their Ford pick-up food is donated specifically to the rescue and rehabilitation of juvenile laborers.

While you eat wonderful homemade gyoza dumplings and crisp Asian salads from this London food truck, it’s all about giving back.

This summer, you can find them at a number of street food festivals in London.

8. Pizza Pilgrims

The idea for Pizza Pilgrims originated from two brothers who moved to London and realized something had (in their words) “gone badly wrong” when they found themselves with “decent employment.”

Most good ideas originate after a few pints in the bar. They traveled throughout Italy, acquired a little three-wheeled van, installed a homemade pizza oven in the boot, and never looked back.

They currently operate two of their own pizzerias in London (in Soho and Carnaby), but you can still find their pizza van at various citywide events.

9. Fishdog

The good news is that there is now a food truck in London where Brits can easily obtain one of their favorite sandwiches, the fish finger sandwich.

Fishdog, a dish developed by renowned chef and restaurateur Mark Hix, provides you with the ultimate fish finger fix by stuffing it into a hot dog bun and topping it with tartare sauce and mushy peas.

It is possibly “the rolls royce of fish finger sandwiches,” as their Twitter page puts it. 

10. Bell and Brisket

Thought London’s sole source for a good salt beef bagel was Beigel Bake?

Think again. Bell & Brisket home-cure their salt beef before topping it with your choice of Japanese radish, beetroot, kimchi, and honey gherkins and serving it on Brick Lane bagels (or rye bread, if bagels aren’t your thing).

Even some blue cheese will be added if you desire it (which we do!).


You shouldn’t end your summer, without visiting all the popular food trucks mentioned above.

 The city’s meals-on-wheels are the talk of the town since they are bursting with flavors and aromas from all over the world.

Be sure to get your favorite food and many mouth-watering delicacies from Uk’s amazing food trucks

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. The UK has food trucks

Yes, it is very profitable, you can earn from £30k – £100k + per year.

Yes, they are.

They Include:

  • BBQ & Grilled Cheese. BBQ. Grilled Cheese.
  • Burgers & Hotdogs. Hot Dog/Sausage/Wurst.
  • Falafel/Shawarma.
  • Greek/Gyros.
  • Sandwiches & Sliders. Sandwiches. Sliders

Most food trucks start off with a hire price of between £400 and £600. Food trucks often charge a minimum of this amount to serve at an event.

Yes, they do.

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