10 Best Places to Sell Your Old or Broken Electronics for Cash

Do you want to Sell Your Old or Broken Electronics? What happens when your once new and shiny electronic device is no longer being used or doesn’t have the latest operating system updates? Does it just sit in your drawer gathering dust? 

Sell Your Old or Broken Electronics

Continue reading as we answer, ”where is the best place to sell used electronics near me?”.If you have decided to sell a couple of old devices that are sitting around the house cluttering things up.

10 Best Places to Sell your Broken and Old Electronics

The following is a list of 10 of the best places to sell your broken and old electronics, both online and offline.

1. Decluttr

Before we get to the useless and broken stuff if your item works then the best place to sell it is Decluttr. Decluttr makes it super simple to sell your old cell phones, CDs, DVDs, games, books, Legos, etc.

All you have to input the product barcode and they will give you an offer immediately. You then mail the item to them, and they send you the money, and you’re done.

There are no auction fees, they have a pre-printed insured shipping label, and I’ve had great experiences with them.

10 Best Places to Sell Your Old or Broken Electronics for Cash

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2. SellCell

SellCell is an excellent option to get rid of your devices. The platform also offers to double price differences. It lets you compare all buyback sites on the web to help ensure you receive the maximum amount for your items and don’t leave money on the table.

Accept an offer, print off the shipping label, and send it to the chosen company. After the company receives it, they inspect it and send you cash.

If they locate a price difference within 24 hours of your order, they pay you to double the difference.

Like other resale sites, SellCell provides free shipping for your devices.

3. Amazon Trade-in

Amazon’s trade-in program accepts a variety of items Amazon accepts spans a wide spectrum, including video doorbells and other home security devices.

Once you ship the item, Amazon will inspect it to ensure the item matches your original description. If it all checks out, your Amazon account is credited with an Amazon eGift card for the offer amount.

If the item is in better condition than you described, Amazon’s customer service promises to pay you more.  The drawback? Your money is locked to your Amazon account.

4. Swappa

Swappa also is one of the best apps to sell your stuff online and follows the same process as using their desktop site.

Swappa is one of the more unique platforms on this list. It’s like Craigslist and eBay in that you deal directly with people.

It’s mostly known for being a great place to sell used phones, but also lets you sell: voice assistants

To sell anything on Swappa you need to create a profile, add the device, and write a description. Then you’ll list a price and wait for a buyer.

It is free to list all of your used electronics on Swappa. So, there is no risk to you.

Swappa pays with PayPal, so it is secure and effortless. Like eBay and other online retailers, the transaction is final when you receive payment You can sell electronics besides phones, such as bad watches, and cameras.

There are no fees to list your items on Swappa.

5. BuyBackBoss 

BuyBackBoss offers a price match guarantee if you have proof of receiving a higher price from a competitor. They also offer a 14-day price lock as long as the device arrives as described.

Your device must be 100 percent functional to qualify for the platform. You won’t be able to sell your device if it’s broken. If it doesn’t turn on or has other malfunctions, you can’t list it.

To trade, just go on the site and enter the barcode on your device. They will provide a quote within minutes. If you take their offer, they provide a prepaid shipping label to print off so you can mail the item for free.

The day after they receive the item, they send payment via PayPal or check. They also buy broken electronics for cash.

6. GreenBuyback 

The great thing about this site is you don’t have to pay for shipping, they generate a shipping label for you to place on the package so you can stick it in the mail.

Once they receive the item, they will process your payment.

They accept anything from smartphones to gaming consoles and even some wearables. Once you identify which product you have and fill out the information regarding its condition, you will receive a quote.

There is also an option to sell in bulk if you contact the GreenBuyback team. When you click “Checkout,” you will be prompted to fill out your address and payment method via PayPal or mail.

7. Best Buy

You’ll need to send your item to Best Buy using a prepaid shipping label for now, as the company has temporarily suspended its in-store trade-in program because of COVID-19.

Best Buy’s payment turnaround time is slower than other services, but the company accepts a wider variety of gadgets — matching nearly every type of electronic device it sells, including various smartphone options, wearables, digital camera options, and game consoles.

You can trade in video games, gaming systems, and an iPhone or iPad for example.

8. Gazelle

Want instant cash? Then just go to one of Gazelle’s over 3,000 ecoATM kiosks, which conduct product evaluations and dispense cash on the spot assuming the phone is worth something.

Newer phones typically fetch higher prices—six-month-old iPhones in good condition are about 50% off the original price — but you’d be surprised at how even that old Samsung tablet from 2012 might get yo

At Gazelle, the process typically involves entering information about your device—a serial number and condition are all you need unless you prefer to enter more details manually.

9. ItsWorthMore

When your device is received, ItsWorthMore will verify if the shown working condition is accurate (whether it’s in good condition, fair, broken, etc.), and if there’s a discrepancy, you will ask for the device back or accept the revised offer.

Electronic Technology Repair Computer Occupation Renovation Fix Concept

ItsWorthMore will then give you an offer and, if you accept it, provide you with you a prepaid shipping label.

During the checkout process, you can select how you want to receive your payment.

You also have the option to pay $15 for two-day shipping and 24-hour processing time.

Otherwise, standard shipping and a turnaround target time of 72 hours. However, processing can take up to five business days.

10. BuyBackWorld

BuyBackWorld is another platform you can sell your old or broken electronics. They accept a wide range of products including phones, tablets, iPods, cameras, game consoles, computers, headphones, drones, and, well, you get the point.

You can even get a custom quote for products that aren’t listed on the site.

After getting a quote and selecting how you want to be paid, send your items to BuyBackWorld. Once they receive your shipment, they’ll inspect your items and you’ll get paid.

If the quote is adjusted after inspection, you’ll have the option to accept the new offer or have your device returned to you.

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