10 Best Places to Get Duplicate Keys Made Near You

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Best Places to Get Duplicate Keys: Losing your keys is a pain to deal with when it happens. It seems to always happen at the most inconvenient of times and it may mean you end up being locked out of your house or car.

Get Duplicate Keys

If you want to get a copy of your house keys, office keys, or car keys made, you will find this article really helpful. It shows you the best ways and places you can get any key copy you want to be made, not just with ease but without paying too much.

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Best Places to Get Duplicate Keys

Get Duplicate Keys

1. Menard’s

Menard’s is another home improvement store but they don’t have as many stores in the US as they are based primarily in the Midwest. Their kiosks are self-service but are easy to use. Check online or call before heading over.

2. Kroger

Kroger is a large-scale grocery chain with stores all over the United States. Most store locations are in the Midwestern and Southern parts of the country.

Many Kroger locations will make copies of door keys, auto keys, and other types of keys as well. Check your nearest store for hours and specific services.

3. Pep Boys

Pep Boys is an automotive part service company based in Miami, Florida. It specializes in tires, oil & fluids, brakes, batteries, shocks & suspension, and other parts of a vehicle.

Pep Boys carry the auto parts you need to keep your car or truck running for years to come. The company has its history traced back to 1921 when four Navy friends contributed $200 each to start an auto supplies and accessories business.

Pep Boys now have over 937 locations spread across 37 states in the USA and Puerto Rico.

You can visit any of Pep Boys’ store locations near you to meet your key copying needs. You can have your car key copy made at a cheap price if you change the oil for your car at the same time.

4. Lowes

Lowes is another major player in the home improvement space with locations in Canada and all over the United States. I’ve also used Lowes to have a replacement key made near me and as they are super quick and convenient.

5. Ace Hardware

Ace Hardware was one of my father’s in-laws who goes to stores. Any time we needed a nut, washer, or screw, he’d take us there and help us find the part or tool we needed to complete our home improvement job.

It was also his go-to answer for where to get keys made near me. In fact, the first time I lost my keys, Ace Hardware is where we went to replace them.

They have several options for color and style and replace car keys, standard house keys, and brass door keys.

6. Minute KEY Inc.

Minute Key Inc. owns the minuteKEY machine which allows you to duplicate your keys.

This is a brand of key machine that helps users copy their home, office, or padlock keys within as quickly as a minute.

Note though that this key machine does not copy car keys.

The minuteKEY machine is a fully automated self-service kiosk. It’s fast and convenient. It operates with a robotic technology that makes a copy of the key easy, convenient, and fast.

Since the minuteKEY kiosk is completely self-service. You will enjoy a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

7. Walmart

What doesn’t Walmart sell? This giant of the grocery stores and retailers is also a cheap locksmith near me. That’s because, like so many of the hardware store options mentioned, Walmart also sells keys.

Get Duplicate Keys

What is different about Walmart and many other grocery stores as far as getting keys made, is that it is usually done through a self-service kiosk. So, the one downside is you will probably have to fumble your way through the key making yourself.

That said, using a self-service key kiosk isn’t difficult. Just follow the instructions on the screen and you should be fine.

8. Safeway

Safeway grocery stores are throughout the U.S. Their key copying services provide brass door and other keys, auto keys, and more. Some locations have kiosks available that will save your key copy for quick access if you need more keys.

9. KeyMe

KeyMe is another popular self-service key machine. It is operated by Key Me a New York-based security technology company dedicated to revolutionizing the antiquated locksmith industry.

KeyMe offers self-service kiosks inside local retailers and through a mobile app. The company also offers direct locksmith services in select areas of the United States.

10. Winco

Winco isn’t the biggest grocery store on this list, but they have some of the best deals on groceries available. Plus, they offer key cutting and copying services for custom keys, standard, and auto ones as well.

Unfortunately, you are limited to Winco locations, as they are only based in Nevada, Arizona, Washington, California, Idaho. But, if you need a new spot, they have great deals that can help save you money and stay way under your food budget as well!

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