10 Best Consignment Shops to Buy & Sell Clothes, Furniture and Toys

Best Consignment Shops to Buy & Sell Clothes: So you want that branded dress but don’t have enough money. Not a problem. Visit consignment shops nearby. Definitely, you will get some real bargains. And that’s not all.

Best Consignment Shops

But that’s not all. Consignment shops are also a great way to make money by getting rid of your old stuff. Where to find the best clothing consignment shops near me, you might wonder.

What are Consignment Shops

Consignment shops are locally owned businesses with a mom-and-pop feel. They set their own terms for how their consignments work, so it’s important to research the store policies before committing.

When you visit the store, the items will have an identification code on the tag to identify which account gets credit for the sale.

How They Work

It’s standard for you to drop off your items for a 30-, 60- or 90-day cycle. If your item doesn’t sell within that period, some shops will discount the item (by say, 30%), or you will need to pick it up.

You can expect to be charged a 25% to 60% commission, which the shop collects as its profit. Some shops offer you higher percentages if you take in-store credit instead of cash.


Best Consignment Shops to Buy & Sell Clothes, Furniture and Toys

1. ReRuns

An app-based consignment company that allows you to set up your own “store” for selling gently-used clothing.

How it works: You set up an account and create a closet, upload your own items, pick a selling price, and manage the sale yourself.

Once you’ve made a sale, print out the shipping label based on weight (ReRuns will pay up to $4.99 of the shipping costs, you’ll pay the rest).

You’ll receive 80% of the profits and the other 20% will go to a non-profit organization of your choosing.

Why you’ll love it: With ReRuns, you have control over what gets listed in your closet, and what price you want to ask. There are also categories for adults, babies, and accessories.

2. ThredUp

Best Consignment Shops

Try ThredUp if you can’t visit a consignment shop or find one nearby. ThredUp is America’s largest online consignment and thrift store.

They also operate from five locations in California. ThredUp has an amazing collection of branded and luxury clothing for women and kids.

You can also buy superb pre-owned bags, accessories, and jewelry from Thred Up. Or you can sell such stuff to ThredUp. You can get up to 20 percent off on the first order by signing up on the website.

3. Facebook Marketplace & Garage Sale Groups

You’re already checking in with friends on Facebook, so it’s the perfect place to do your buying and selling too. Simply head to the marketplace section on Facebook, or search garage sale groups, and local groups will pop up.

Buy from them: Be sure the images are clear, and that there’s a good description of the item. Sell to them: Since this is all your effort, from the pictures to the pricing to the drop-off or delivery, you get all the proceeds.

Why you’ll love it: If you enjoy this type of organization and price haggling, this is the way to go.

4. Beacon’s Closet

Another best consignment shop is Beacon’s Closet, which operates at four locations in New York. You can buy, sell, and trade modern and vintage clothing at Beacon’s Closet.

Since they operate through brick-and-mortar stores, I suggest you visit their nearest consignment shop to get the

5. Tradesy

Get $50 off on your first purchase of $400 or more and buying with credit are some facilities you enjoy with Tradesy, one of the topmost online consignment stores in America. Selling on Tradesy is simple.

They send you a free shipping kit to pack the stuff and mail it.  Tradesy buys and sells only designer stuff for women including garments, shoes, bags, accessories, and jewelry.

You can deal with Tradesy through their Android and iPhone apps too.

6. Buffalo Exchange

Best Consignment Shops

Looking for brick-and-mortar consignment stores? Check if there’s a Buffalo Exchange nearby. They operate 50 stores across 19 states.

All types of pre-owned clothing for women, men, teens, and kids are available at Buffalo Exchange. You can also sell used stuff to Buffalo Exchange for cash or trade in for dresses.

7. Plato’s Closet

10 Best Consignment Shops to Buy & Sell Clothes, Furniture and Toys

Plato’s Closet offers trendy clothing at prices up to 70 percent cheaper than malls. They have consignment shops in most states across the US. For clothing sellers, they have a rather quick, four-step process. Take the stuff to their nearest consignment shop.

8. eBay

10 Best Consignment Shops to Buy & Sell Clothes, Furniture and Toys

Perhaps you are unaware of eBay’s consignment shop. Actually, eBay does not buy or sell your stuff directly.

Instead, it serves as a platform to connect with other sellers. Here in eBay consignment stores, you can sell coins, stamps, clothing, footwear, paintings, furniture, toys, vintage items, and lots more.

Joining eBay Consignment is an excellent idea if you have something to sell.  In case you can’t find a category of items you wish to sell, request eBay to add it.

9. Swap.com

As the “largest online consignment/thrift store” Swap is a great resource for buying and selling everything from gear to clothes, toys, and more.

Buy from them: You’ll definitely need more than a few minutes to browse through the thousands of items available on this site.

From A Pea in the Pod to Gymboree, H&M, and the list goes on (and on), you can easily dress yourself and the smaller members of the family year-round, and outfit them with the gear they need.

10. Swoondle Society

This new online swap meet-style trading platform was started by a Brooklyn mom looking to trade her daughter’s old clothes for cute duds to outfit her newborn son.

Instead of splitting the profits, like you would with a traditional consignment company, you pay an annual membership fee to gain access to the marketplace.

Send in the items you wish to trade, and Swoondle will catalog each item. They give you Trading Credits that can be applied to clothing and accessories on the website.

What you give is what you get—each item is assigned a rating of 1 to 5 depending on its worth. Credits at a designated level are traded for items similarly tagged within the same level.

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