10 Apps for Slack That Just Keeps Getting Better

The best location to look for apps and integrations that you can connect to Slack is the Slack App Directory. Getting the best of the best, though, can seem like a bit of a guessing game with so many options available. We’re continuously searching for the next original concept as the Slack App Directory expands. While there’s no doubt that new apps are fantastic, many of our old standbys are getting better and better.

Description of Slack

Slack is a platform for corporate messaging that connects people to the information they need. By bringing people together to function as a single, cohesive team, Slack transforms how businesses interact.

Users can segment audiences into channels to help foster teamwork among your employees.

Slack now allows four separate channels: shared, public, private, and channels for numerous workspaces, depending on the Slack plan your business chooses.

In an ideal world, every type of channel serves the same purpose overall. In essence, a channel in the Slack community is a customizable container for user chats.

Even though they are minute, the differences matter. For instance, the key differences between public and private channels are privacy settings and other users’ access.

Slack organizes communications into channels or specified spaces.

How to Add Apps for Slack

1. Through the Slack App Directory or by selecting the “Add to Slack” button located on each app’s page, you can add an app or connection to Slack.

2. Click here to add through the App Directory, or open Slack, click your team name in the top left corner, and select “Apps & integrations.”

3. To use the “Add to Slack” option to add apps, find the “Add to Slack” buttons online to quickly add your favorite apps. 

4. You might not have the permissions if you’re having problems adding applications and integrations to your team’s Slack. Slack team administrators and team owners can control who can add apps, so get in touch with one of them and ask questions.

5. Visit the Slack App Directory and click “Configure” in the upper right to see which applications and integrations your team is currently using. We can filter this list based on the app’s name, who added it or the permissions it requires.

Apps to Add to Slack

1. Polly App for Slack

Polly is one of the good apps for slack to develop a culture of real-time feedback to lead and develop your team without having to leave Slack

Once the app has been added to your Slack workspace, simply write /Polly to send out your first poll.

Polly has a wonderful feature that lets you create and distribute web links to your polls. By distributing the survey URL to anyone and everyone, you can conduct a poll.

Send it to your friends or clients, then gather the feedback on Slack. Do you require the development of automated workflows and JIRA integrations? On that front, Polly has you covered as well.

You can run effective surveys in addition to rapid, rich polls in Slack thanks to Polly.

With its most recent workflow and template capabilities, you can even tie polls and surveys to scheduled occasions so that you may automatically send new employees happiness questionnaires at the conclusion of their first day, week, and month of employment.

However, Polly isn’t all work and no play. You may play trivia with your remote teams or send them a Smart Take to get the conversation going on a Friday.

2. Tomatobot App for Slack

Tomatobot helps you schedule your breaks and work to increase productivity.

The Pomodoro Technique is a method for increasing productivity where you work for 25 minutes and then take a five-minute break.

This is more productive than making yourself commit to extended periods of nonstop work, which frequently has negative effects on productivity.

You’ll be adding a few helpful features that will track your work using the Pomodoro Technique when you add the Tomatobot app to Slack.

For instance, you can use the shortcut command /startwork to inform the Slackbot when to work, and you’ll get a notification when it’s time to take a break.

To let someone know when you’re finished with a task, use the command /completed.

3. Google Hangout App for Slack

Google Hangouts is one of the apps for Stack that can communicate with your team via phone, video, and instant messaging. With the help of this integration, you may quickly begin a Hangout with a channel’s participants.

Enter /hangout on any channel to begin a Hangout. You will receive a URL to launch Hangout, which has a convenient Slack control panel on the right side.

You can invite more Slack team members to the Hangout from that panel.

4. Google Drive App for Slack

Slack allows you to share Google Drive files and save them for later access. Many individuals use Google Drive to securely store their work online so they can collaborate with others and view them from anywhere.

If you fall into this category, the Google Drive app is a terrific method to make file sharing with coworkers much simpler.

The app’s main feature is the ability to share Drive files directly from Slack. All you have to do to import the files into Slack is paste the shareable link into a Slack conversation. 

If you haven’t already linked Google Drive to Slack, it will walk you through the simple step of allowing it to “read” the file if you don’t already have that setup. (It will only index and read the files that you choose to import.)

Once everything is set up, you may share the document directly from Slack. The message will appear as follows:

The fact that you can quickly browse through the files you import is the nicest feature of this program. However, they won’t actually be kept in Slack; rather, Google Drive will continue to hold them.

5. Tettra App for Slack

Tettra helps you organize and distribute critical knowledge using an internal wiki.

It’s simple to stay in touch with one another when you have a small team thanks to in-person talks, brief one-on-one Slack conversations, and other methods. However, it becomes more difficult to keep everyone informed as your team grows.

Therefore, having an internal wiki where people can post updates on everything from new concepts to experiments you’ve conducted to important team updates can be so crucial to both keep everyone informed and grow your team’s culture.

Why not have your internal wiki within Slack if your team is already using it? Teams using Slack can use Tettra which is an internal wiki.

It’s an easy-to-use team collaboration tool with a beautiful design that can assist your team in gathering crucial knowledge and sharing it in one location. If you’d like, you can search the wiki directly from Slack.

Consider the scenario if you wanted to revamp the website for your business. Within Slack, you can ask the query using a shorthand slash command, and Tettra will search for relevant internal data.

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6. Workast App for Slack

Workast is the project management app for teams on Slack. Without ever leaving Slack, Workast allows you and your team to manage projects, create tasks, keep track of daily priorities, and complete more work.

Workast is additionally accessible online and on mobile www.workast.com

What makes Workast unique?

  • No emails are sent; instead, we provide Slack notifications to keep you engaged.
  • Log in using your Slack account: SSO is available right now.
  • One-click installation for your whole workforce, allowing for immediate, cost-free use by all.

What is Workast’s use in Slack?

  • Use the command /checklist to make a checklist in your channels.
  • Select the shortcuts menu or /todo to create tasks and assign them to other people.
  • Use /mytodo to create and manage personal tasks;
  • Give your tasks a deadline date and a description.
  • Finish the task.
  • Create a task from a message in Slack.
  • To receive updates and add tasks to a Workast project, connect a #channel to it.
  • Get task-related updates from @workast
  • Develop unique forms that your group can submit using /forms study more.
  • Daily task reminders that you can customize
  • Customize reports and get updates from @workast on a regular basis. Study more.
  • Two-way calendar synchronization with MS Exchange, Office 365, iCloud, Google Calendar, and Office Study.
  • Connections to additional software programs like GitHub, Bitbucket, and Zapier. the complete list.
  • Import tasks from the project management tools you already use, such as Trello, Asana, Jira, Basecamp, Todoist, Wunderlist, and To-do.

7. Microsoft OneDrive

Right from Slack, search, share, and preview your OneDrive or SharePoint Online files.

After that, automatically modify permissions to ensure that only the appropriate team members have access. Without leaving Slack, share files.

It’s not necessary to open a new tab in order to look for a file link because Slack makes it simple to search for and exchange documents.

You can begin by visiting the OneDrive and SharePoint app’s home tab in Slack or by hitting the paperclip button on the right side of the message field. Check out documents, presentations, and more.

The OneDrive and SharePoint app will add a rich view of the document when you share a file link in Slack, allowing you and your team to quickly collect context before viewing the file.

Share with appropriate parties. When you share a file, the OneDrive, and SharePoint app checks to see if everyone in the conversation has access, and if not, it instantly offers to update the link for you.

8. Asana App for Slack

Asana is a reliable method to manage and organize work for teams. It is one of the most productive apps for slack. You can turn your discussions into tasks in Asana with the help of Asana for Slack integration without ever leaving the messaging app.

Asana helps you to;

1. Complete tasks directly from notifications or an Asana link thanks to the connectivity between Asana and Slack. You have the option to view the task’s specifics, finish it, modify the task’s assignee and/or due date, add it to a project, or open it in Asana.

2. Use Asana’s Actions to convert a Slack message into a task or to include the message in an already-existing task.

3. Receive updates about changes to your work in Asana. You can receive alerts for tasks that have been assigned to you and tasks that you are following.

4. Add a Slack channel link to a specific Asana project. When updates and modifications are made to the project, the channel will be notified.

5. By entering /asana create in the message box, you can create a new task in Asana without leaving Slack.

9. Zapier App for Slack

Thanks to message actions, Zapier can now push messages from Slack to any of the 1,400 products on its platform.

You can transmit messages from Slack to Evernote, make tasks on Todoist, and add new items to Airtable. Connect your Slack chats to the productivity products you use with Zapier to put your conversations into action.

Zapier can be used to;

1. Add a Slack message to a fresh Evernote note.

2. Your Slack message’s text can be added as a new line to Airtable.

3. From your Slack message, create a new task in Todoist.

10. Dropbox App for Slack

The Slack apps from Dropbox and Dropbox Paper are continually developing and getting better.

With the help of the new Dropbox Paper app, you can now create and share new documents in channels. Use it to jot down notes during your next team meeting while enabling others to follow along in your channel.

Dropbox can be used to;

1. Develop new documents in any channel by using the slash command.

2. Slack now offers detailed previews of your Dropbox Paper documents.

3. Using the slash command, look up your papers.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can connect apps like Zoom, Microsoft Outlook, Trello, and so forth

One of the best task apps you can use in Slack is Asana.

Numerous amount of apps integrates with Slack.

You can make Slack fun but add apps like Trivia to lift morale.

To remove Bored from Slack, simply delete the app from the channel it is linked to.

To link teammates from within Slack, use donut intros. Donut will frequently pick members of your Intro channel and DM them to invite them to a video chat meeting for lunch, donuts, or a virtual cup of coffee!

Yes, you can add games to slack to make meetings fun.

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